We’re setting a new
standard for measuring
influencer campaigns.

As marketing dollars become more & more scrutinized, the demand for measuring ROI becomes greater. We hold our influencer campaigns to the highest standards and have created a full suite of measurement tools to effectively evaluate influencer marketing impact.

It’s time for new benchmarked measurement solutions that go beyond social engagement.

At Collective Bias, we’ve created measurement solutions to showcase the impact of influencer marketing on in-store sales. During 2016, Collective Bias partnered with brands, retailers and research partners to measure results for 12 influencer campaigns, each conducted over an 8 to 12-week period, all national brands, spanning five CPG categories. These studies provied to be very successful for participating brands and now we’re opening up this suite of solutions as an add-on to qualifying campaigns.

Understanding value
beyond social engagement.

Looking beyond simple sales or social engagement calculations, the Collective Bias Measurement Solutions deliver insights that go deeper into the purchase funnel. Marketers, for the first time, can now report accurate metrics as it relates to the impact of content marketing. The Solutions Suite includes tools to: demonstrate incremental in-store traffic, provide retail-specific sales lift and to show overall brand lift across national brands.

Enhance your
marketing strategies.

The following tools, provide insight into campaign and product performance to take your future marketing strategies to the next level.

Loyalty Card Study

This offering pairs loyalty data with Collective Bias’ audience pixel data to measure lift in a test group versus an unexposed control group.

Retail Sales Lift Analysis

Digests partner Point of Sale (POS) data to form test/control groups across multiple retailer regions to uncover lift.

Mobile Proximity

Studies in–store traffic via mobile geo–fencing to measure foot traffic resulting from Collective Bias content.

Here’s how it works.

POS Data

52 weeks of client-owned Point Of Sale data is required to start the sales lift analysis process.

RSLA Analysis

Client POS data is then used to create test/control groups across multiple retailer regions to uncover lift after exposure to Collective Bias influencer content.

Sales Lift

The impact of Collective Bias content is measured using a conservative evaluation of POS data and sales data acquired during the influencer campaign period.

Want to see how influencer marketing does drive sales lift? Download our Case Studies!

We’re working with standard digital budgets, not astronomical expectations. Our packages start at a spend of $100K. We want to make this accessible for our clients. Let Collective Bias do the work for you, and get sales lift insight without putting it on your internal teams.