Stop paying for attention you aren't getting.

Collective Bias delivers 100% guaranteed views of Instagram influencer content

Hiring influencers to create Instagram content has left marketers with several uncertainties, as many question the correlation between followers and actual views of content. To answer this, we must first establish the metrics that matter:

What is a content view?

Actual, platform-verified views of Influencer content in the Instagram feed. One content view is registered when an influencer's Instagram post is in view for 2+ seconds

Supporting Metrics Include:

  • Reach

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Saves

Why calculate an influencer's impact based on the amount of people who potentially see their post? Instead, Collective Bias guarantees actual views of Instagram content upfront

No guesswork. No ambiguity. No post-campaign confusion.

In addition to content view and engagement metrics, our platform-verified reporting will now also provide:

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Across all categories, Collective Bias activates influencers from its private, invite-only community to create content on your behalf. Here is some of their work:


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