The numbers
don’t lie.

88% of shoppers seek out visual content like videos before making a purchase.

Collective Bias Custom Video is the centerpiece of a multi-platform solution that leverages influencer content and proprietary shopper engagement data to drive consideration, expand audiences and create shopper action.

Custom Video is so much more than just a short social clip.

Our custom video leverages over 8 years of influencer content to maximize engagement while giving advertisers more control over brand messaging and production quality. Videos are amplified across social media using our sophisticated first party data and targeting technology to deliver highly targeted reach. Advertisers can view all the cross platform metrics in a personal dashboard: video views, engagement, CTRs...performance is measured along the entire funnel.

One custom video.
Multiple solutions.

With one video, the advertiser’s campaign is amplified across the web through precise targeting that places the video content in front of the shoppers that matter most. Our ecosystem of solutions maximizes each advertiser’s influencer marketing spend to put their brand at center stage.

Use custom video to amplify seasonal pushes, create new usage occasions, leverage partnerships, increase coupon velocity, drive in-store and online sales.

Boost your Social Hubs

Custom video acts at the centerpiece of an advertiser’s social hub, which aggregates all the influencer content created for the advertiser in one seamless destination. Custom video can be added to brand/retail website product pages.

Integrate with Social Content Ads
for Massive Reach

By leveraging custom video content in social content ads the right audiences are reached and new audiences are engaged. Social content ads can drive this new audience back to brand/retailer social hubs or websites.

Rich social experiences
engage social users

Shoppers crave a fluid, immersive social experience that's mobile. Rich social video ads create an experience for target audiences that tells the ultimate brand story through custom video content. Upon interacting, the video takes over their mobile screen, putting all eyes on the advertiser.

In App Use drives coupon downloads

Use the video content in-app along with coupons to drive shoppers down the path to purchase.

Connect store experiences

15-second cut down versions of custom video can be looped and placed in-store to connect online content to in-store experiences.

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Collective Bias’ innovative Shopper Social Media™ platform connects authentic, real-life influencer content with key audiences to impact results at a particular retailer. At the forefront of influencer marketing and measurement, Collective Bias’ proprietary data and technology enables influencer selection and management, resulting in campaigns that drive true engagement and impact sales for leading brands across multiple verticals. Collective Bias was named one of Forbes' "Most Promising Companies" three years in a row and listed in the "Inc. 5000.” Founded in 2009, the company has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and Bentonville.