Influencing technology purchases all along the path-to-purchase.

As technology quickly evolves, many products are considered outdated or unreliable by the time they reach store shelves. Shoppers look to social sources for opinions about products, services and content. They go to social media to discover their peers’┬áreal, human experiences where how-tos, device reviews, and more are shared.

Campaign Details

Walmart Family Mobile needed help increasing awareness and trial of its affordable mobile plan options for the entire family.

Campaign Goals

Create a year-long steady flow of influencer and social content, while creating relevancy among target groups like millennials.

Total Media Value
Content Views
Blog Page Engagements
Total Impressions
of Twitter purchasers say social media inspired a technology purchase
Source: VisionCritical
of women rely on advice from blogs when making electronic purchases
Source: BlogHer
use social media to inform electronic purchase decisions
Source: Consumer Electronics Association

Walmart Family Mobile Multi-Channel Program


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