Why Ecommerce Brands Are Flocking To Instagram Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

December 12, 2017

Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator
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Considering the number of monthly users, Instagram ranks third after Facebook, which hit 2B users in 2017 and YouTube (1.5B users). In 2017, Instagram closed the 800 million monthly after a staggering growth of 357% from the time of launching in 2014. Compare that to Facebook which grew by 57% and YouTube by 50% in the same duration. That makes Instagram is currently the fasted growing social site. And the fact that Instagram has 4 times higher engagement compared to Facebook, there lies a remarkable opportunity for marketers.

Instagram E-commerce Marketing is Unparalleled 

Instagram marketing has realized massive influence on e-commerce and its buying power continues to increase. Reports show that Instagram influences the buyers’ behavior by as much as 51% compared to Facebook (23%) and Pinterest (22%). Contrary to the belief Snapchat lags behind Instagram and has a buyers’ behavior influence of only 1%. Survey on Instagram reveals that 72% users make their purchase decisions based on what they see on the site.

The Massive Influence of Instagram (Infographic)

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Seventy percent of the top brands have discovered that the secret to successful marketing of their products and services is to use Instagram influencers.  In 2017 alone, Instagram Influencer ad spend hit 1.1B and is projected to close the 1.6B mark in 2018.

A marketer can choose from the different niches available including Luxury, Activewear, Beauty, Auto and more. The social site has gained lots of popularity with an estimated 71% of marketers expressing a desire to learn more about Instagram.

Advocates Are an Unexploited Opportunity

Many marketers have been hoodwinked that when working with an Instagram influencer, celebrities influence the buyer’s behavior better. Surprising at it may be, advocates with up to 5,000 followers drive the most engagement. If you decide to go with a celebrity, your ad gets only a measly engagement of 2%. Sponsoring your posts using an advocate attracts an engagement of approximately 8%. Therefore, having an advocate promises better conversion rate compared to a celebrity.

Advocates are an unexploited opportunity that many e-commerce marketers are yet to discover and that’s where the money lies. What’s more, sponsoring a post with an advocate will cost you an average of 135 dollars while the same post would cost you more than $1400 with a celebrity. Considering that the average cost of an influencer sponsored post is roughly 300 dollars, it’s clear that you can never go wrong choosing an advocate for your campaign.

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Contributed by Darren DeMatas, @DarrenDeMatas, Community Manager @xcart

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Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator

Kirsten Thompson has been blogging since 2010, sharing her passion for home decor, organization, and crafts with her ever-growing audience. Her blog has become her business, Sweet Tea LLC. She educates bloggers on the power of email marketing & blog strategy through webinars, digital products and coaching.