2017’s Top 10 Posts from Collective Bias

December 28, 2017

Allison Kopp

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2017 has been a big year for Collective Bias. New products, research, and even a new parent-company has given us a lot to blog about. Read below to see the top content that YOU read the most.

# 1 – 17 Statistics You Need to Know About Gen Z

As the first generation to have lived in a digital world since birth, Gen Z is a huge part of the market that we need to be paying attention to. Their buying power and influence will only continue to increase as they age. Catch this lineup of facts and demographics about this rising generation.

# 2 – Proof Points: 50 Influencer Marketing Statistics

A trend that has been growing exponentially in the world of marketing in the past decade, influencer marketing took big leaps in 2016 and 2017. With its gaining traction, marketers looked for proof points and reasons to believe in influencer marketing and its power. Here, you can find 50 stats that answer marketers’ burning questions and build credibility behind this here-to-stay marketing movement.

# 3 – Collective Bias, an Inmar Company, Publishes Landmark Research Study Measuring Sales Impact of Influencer Marketing

Our measurement study, released in April, was the first industry report to comprehensively analyze social campaigns at scale across multiple methodologies and product categories. It shows the effect of online influencers on brick-and-mortar sales metrics and sets a new standard for the industry, focused on sales lift. Find out more here.

# 4 – The Best Social Fabric Influencer Content of 2016

2016 was the year that truly proved that our Social Fabric community is comprised of the best social influencers in the business. Community members crafted influencer content for our clients that were filled with beautiful photography, relatable stories, and unforgettable recipes, tips, and tricks. This post recognizes SoFab members with the most stunning blog content of 2016 in our top categories: Meal, Dessert, Drinks, Pet, Electronics, Party, and Health/Beauty. No wonder this was one of our top blogs of 2017 – find inspiration and beautiful influencer content here.

# 5 – Sponsored Spenders: One in Three Millennials Have Made a Purchase Based on Branded Content

Earlier this year, we set off to find out how consumers felt about sponsored content on their social media feed. Previously holding a negative, mistrust- and frustration-based connotation, we discovered how much that had changed, based on a survey series of questions sent out to over 2,000 US consumers. Read more here.

# 6 – Which Is Best: Micro, Power Middle or Celebrity Influencers?

What qualifies an influencer to identify as each of these categories? What group works best with consumers and their decision response? The truth is, it’s neither micro, power middle, or celebrity influencers alone who you should select for your influencer marketing campaigns. The power lies in a combination of the above. Find out more here.

# 7 – Collective Bias Launches Full Suite of Measurement Solutions Proving Influencer Marketing ROI

This new product from Collective Bias looks beyond simple sales or social engagement calculations, as it goes deeper to offer a full funnel of measurement capabilities. For the first time, marketers can report accurate metrics on a variety of categories – including the impact of promotions, in-store traffic, and incremental sales life, when evaluating strategies and determining success. Check it out.

# 8 – 10 Tips for Great Influencer Posts Shoppers Will Love

There is a science to creating great content, particularly in the influencer space. You build credibility and trust for your brand when everyday consumers are able to read about it through the lens of someone like themselves.To breakdown these ideas and what all brands should have included in their influencer posts and campaigns, Collective Bias has created a whitepaper outlining “10 Tips for Great Influencer Posts Shoppers Will Love.”

# 9 – Adult Beverage Trends and Stats You Need to Know

Seasonal cocktails, boozy brunches, craft beer… the adult beverage industry is booming, as consumers are looking for new ways to relax and entertain. How is influencer marketing taking advantage of that? This blogpost contains trends and stats you need to know in this space, and how to harness them to influence shoppers and their purchase decisions.

# 10 – The Role of Social Media in a Natural Disaster and Emergencies

This year in particular saw a rise in natural disasters and general emergencies around the world. Whether it was major flooding, or chaotic violence and terrorism, the unpredictability of emergencies can make us as a society anxiety- and chaos-ridden. In these situations, social media can contribute to your safety, awareness, and participation and aid. Read more here.

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