Pets and Influencers: Stats You Need to Know

June 29, 2017

Kelly Nefzger

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With a national holiday devoted to pets every month of the year, pet parents have more reason than ever to spoil their furry friends. Not that they need another reason — millennials, the leader in the pet parents category, are already 76% more likely to splurge on a pet than on themselves. Owners are purchasing costumes and pet strollers, coloring and styling their pets’ coats, and even throwing birthday parties for their fluffy companions.

Get inspired by our pet influencers. You can throw a “Kitty Pawty” like this one!

Pets are shareable

Pet parents aren’t keeping their furballs to themselves, either. One in three pet owners are millennials, and three-fourths of people in their 30s have dogs, and they want the world to know. Pet-related hashtags on Instagram return hundreds of millions of posts. The owner-pet relationship is exploding on social media platforms.

  • 65% of pet owners post about their pet two times a week.
  • 16% post about their pet four times a week.
  • 17% have created social profiles for their pets.

Pet profiles may seem superfluous, but they are not without merit. “Pet influencers” engage 10x as many users as human influencers do. One study found that brands saw up to 295% more comments on content with pets, and on average saw an 89% increase.

Albert the Cat garnered 16,293 engagements on this post alone.

The growing market for pet products

It isn’t hard to believe, then, that this year, the pet products and services market is expected to grow to just shy of $70 billion. This kind of market spending is not unusual, and the upward trend is only expected to continue.

The growing pet products industry provides a unique opportunity for producers to connect with their consumers and gain incredible brand loyalty. Influencers are able to connect with pet owners by posting engaging and relatable content.

Blogger Mae Amor partnered with Purina to encourage pet owners to savor little moments like mealtime with their pets.

Pets are valued companions

Millennial pet parents see their pets as friends. In turn, they want their pet to have the best and place a higher emphasis on the quality of their pets’ products. Over 75% of pet owners in this category believe that products which are BPA-free, natural or organic materials and hypoallergenic shampoo are essential. They’re actively searching for these products online — 41% of pet buyers research online, and 46% go on to purchase pet products online.

Seeking a grain-free cat food to keep Luna happy and healthy, Glamorable blogger Anastasia wrote about her experience with Purina Muse.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives… and delicious? Rose the cat thinks so.

Pet owners are pampering and sharing their pets more than ever. Will your brand be the perfect fit for their four-legged friends?

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