Instagram Business Insights: What You Need to Know

December 2, 2016

Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator
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Instagram is finally releasing some more detailed reporting to it’s business accounts. Instagram Business Insights are a free tool that you can enable right inside Instagram that allows you see previously unavailable metrics like audience data, follower activity, and most engaged posts. It also allows you to promote posts from within the app, similar to how Facebook lets you boost a post. Here is a preview of some of the most valuable features and how to set it up on your own account.

Who/How do you get access Instagram Business Insights:

To get started you need to have two things. A business Facebook page and an Instagram account. Instagram requires you to link the two in order to get access. Facebook’s long game here is to allow you to boost your Instagram posts from within the app (link to fb), which means they need to link to an account that likely has a credit card associated with. Now, access to use the new insight reporting is totally free, but if Facebook follows a pattern like they did with their own pages, there may come a point in time where you as a business, have to pay to reach your followers.


1 – Open instagram
2 – Click on profile tab (far right)
3 – Click on the gear icon (top right)
4 – Click on “Switch to Business Profile” in the account section
5 – Click Continue and Connect a Facebook Page
6 – Click back into your profile page and click on the bar chart icon in the top right to access insights

Reporting Overview:

After you complete setup you’ll instantly see an Insights icon on your profile page. The reporting is broken down into 3 sections: Impressions, top posts, followers growth. Each section allows you to drill down into more detail view with additional metrics.


1 – Total impressions: the number of people that have seen your posts. Swipe left to see total impression for the last 7 days.

2 – Top Posts: Post that received the most impression in the last 7 days. Clicking “see more” allows you to see most popular post sorted by total impressions or engagements. You can also use the filter at the top of the page to set specific time-ranges

3 – Follower Growth: a chart that shows the average times your followers are on Instagram


 Pro Tips:

1 – Calculate your engagement rate: take total impressions and divide it by total engagement to track your engagement rate per post. Post more images like the ones with your highest engagement rate

2 – Time of day matters: Post when user are active. Plan your calendar around peak days of the weeks and times of the day.

3 – Promote: Playing of the first 2 pro tips make you best post even better by promoting to reach a wider audience. 


It remains to be seen if enabling a business account will have any impact on the reach of organic posts. Facebook organic reach has declined for years, forcing to paid to reach their audience, but for now it appears in testing that organic reach on Instagram (or impression) have remained consistent throughout testing.

Post written by Joe Murphy, Collective Bias.

Additional Resources:


Instagram Business Insights allow business to see metrics based on their Instagram activity, which can be a powerful marketing tool.

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Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator

Kirsten Thompson has been blogging since 2010, sharing her passion for home decor, organization, and crafts with her ever-growing audience. Her blog has become her business, Sweet Tea LLC. She educates bloggers on the power of email marketing & blog strategy through webinars, digital products and coaching.