What Are Influencers Thankful For When Working With Brands

November 23, 2016

Colleen Vaughan

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Many of the social influencers in our Social Fabric community have been in the game for years. They’ve built up a following because of their innate ability to write compelling and relatable stories, take eye-catching photos, and work their social networks. They invest time in cultivating relationships with their readers. They’ve learned what types of content their readers resonate with best. Essentially, they know what they’re doing!

When partnering with brands, they put their best work forward because they are passionate and want to serve their readers truly authentic content. In honor of tomorrow’s holiday, we’ve put together a list of things influencers are thankful for when working with brands.

1 – Letting influencers use their own copy

Every influencer has crafted their own style and tone since the inception of their blog. If you force them to use a bunch of supplied brand copy, it will stick out to their readers in an incredibly negative way. Readers enjoy hearing about brands that influencers are using, but only if its in their natural language.

2 – Giving influencers enough time to create quality content

Influencers are becoming a voice for your product, so wouldn’t you want their sponsored content to be of the utmost quality? From shopping for products, to story setup, to photography and editing, to writing a story and subsequent social posts, killer content takes time to craft. Influencers appreciate when they are given enough time to create content that really knocks the assignment out of the ballpark.

Influencers are thankful for brands who allow them to be creative with their content. Click To Tweet

3 – Allowing influencers to create their own photos

Don’t cramp passion by supplying brand photos to influencers. Influencers are not posting ads, they are weaving your products into their own story. Making them use stock photos or branded photos will do nothing but make their blog look like another ad. Influencers know their content needs to be high quality and creative for it to be valuable and shareable. In addition, allowing the influencer to create images is a great way to get custom and proprietary images for your marketing campaigns versus canned photography that their readers have probably already seen before.

4 – When brands are consistent in their campaign plans

Smart influencers choose what brands they work with carefully. They know their readers will smell any forced partnerships from a mile away. So, when they choose to work with your brand, they are truly excited to bring product information and stories that shows readers why they love your product. Nothing kills that energy quicker than changing plans halfway through a campaign. Be consistent from the start with your intentions and expectations to truly solidify brand consistency while giving influencers the much-needed freedom to create.

Influencers are most thankful when you let them do what they do best – create content in their voice and style, that their audience engages with and trusts. The best brand-influencer partnerships are based on an understanding that letting creative juices flow brings the best possible stories.  

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