It’s Not The Best Content, But The Best Promoted Content That Wins

September 8, 2016

Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias
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Yes, great content is the starting point, but it’s not just about creating the content. Andy Crestodina, Founder of Orbit Media, delivered an excellent session at this year’s Content Marketing World on “Content’s Fortune and Glory: How To Make Friends, Rank High and Get Famous Online.” Now you might not be looking to get famous, but I’d bet you’re looking for great ways to make sure your content is seen because as Andy put it, “It’s not about the best content, but about the best promoted content.” And promotion starts by building great relationships. He’s used some of these techniques to propel his web development shop to a multi-million dollar organization.

It's not best content, but best promoted content that wins. via @crestodina #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Start by creating a Mastermind group.

What is a Mastermind group? A Mastermind group is a group of influential individuals or trust agents in your industry. How do you find or identify these Masterminds? There are tools like Buzz Sumo or you might just know these individuals from conversations or industry intelligence. Don’t be shy in reaching out to them. I’ve found more often than not these influential people have been more than willing to speak to me. But it’s all about making sure there is reciprocal value. In fact, I did this recently with Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. I met Chris Brogan, author and business advisor, years ago on Twitter. Even managed setting up a conversation with Susan Borst, Director of Industry Initiatives of the IAB. I haven’t created a formal Mastermind Group, however, I would love to have any of these folks on board. Once you’ve identified your Mastermind group, you invite them to a once-a-month optional call whose purpose is to ask the following questions:

  1. What are you’d doing that we can help promote?
  2. What are you writing about that we can collaborate on?
  3. What are you doing where we might be able to help you be more productive?

Why is this important? It’s a test of generosity. It’s the brand that gives away the most advice and helpful information that wins. 

And you should never write a blog post without a quote. This is something great influencers know. By including people in your post you can automatically leverage their audiences and relationships to build traffic to your post. Andy referred to this as “ego bait.” Not only can you use this mentioning of names in your blog content, but you can include them in your social posts to increase your reach.

Another key to the best-promoted content is keywords.

Now keywords may seem like an “of course” – you use a keyword strategy but have you ever used specific tools for helping you create your content? If you plug in a topic into Google search, Google will finish your sentence by populating the search window with suggestions. These are gems that can be used as topic items in your content and leveraged ultimately to create traffic to your piece. Andy also recommended a tool called as a better resource than Google for identifying keywords. And don’t forget the semantic links from bottom of search page. These can also provide thoughts for your content and the beauty of using these popular search terms is that they are popular.

Creating great content is only the beginning. Having a promotional plan in place will help get more eyes on your great content, and maybe, as Andy Crestodina would say, you’ll “get famous online”.

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Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias

Holly oversees marketing and PR. Holly, also a blogger, founded MOMentumNation while serving as the Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at Big Fuel, a pure play social media agency. She is an award-winning creative marketing industry veteran who was recognized in 2012 by Klout as the “most influential agency person” and uses her voice for social good with 10X10 Educate Girls, Every Mother Counts, Global Poverty Project and the UN Foundation Shot@Life campaign.