Longer Instagram Videos Means More Engagement for Influencers

Alex Lazar

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Instagram announced in March that in the coming months, users would be able to post videos of up to 60 seconds of content. They also mentioned that in the last six months, people watched more video on the platform than ever before, averaging a 40% increase. It’s no mystery that video has become the most popular way for people to consume content.

Instagram saw a trend and listened to their audience to deliver on the experience they were seeking. It is a very exciting time for content influencers to capitalize on these changes. This could mean a large area of opportunity for brands who are looking to reach loyalists in an authentic way. Below are three potential impacts Instagram video can have on influencer marketing.

Larger Creative Perimeters

The main way influencers benefit from this update is that they are no longer limited to telling 15 second stories. No longer does an Instagram video have to feel like a bad stop motion clip you want to scroll away from as fast as possible. A video that can span up to 60 seconds allows influencers to cut, edit and montage as best fits with the story they are trying to tell, as well as their image.

For brands, this means much more natural feeling content. While marketers might be used to creating short videos where the brand message is the focal point, consumers are able to sniff that content out before the 3 second mark. They will scroll right on by. They are much more likely to stick around and watch a minute long video that feels like it was posted by their friend, than content that is blatantly branded. The additional 45 seconds helps influencers be more creatively themselves.

Greater Authenticity

In a community that is over 400 million strong in user base, Instagram participants seek out content based on their interests and affinities. Puppies? No problem. A miniature lego figurine that travels the world? Yes, that’s out there too!

Greater diversity in content, coupled with the new algorithm roll-out, means a stronger potential to get in front of a desired marketing target than ever before. More and more influencers who take to not just posting inspiring photos that appeal to their audience, but develop and share video content are opening themselves up to creating even stronger relationships with their followers.

Not Just Number of Followers

It goes beyond the number of followers an influencer has. Today, it is all about engagement. Engaging on Instagram is like telling your best friend, “I loved the dinner you made and I myself want to try making it”. Or, telling an influencer that you trust their opinion and want to try that product for yourself. Instagram rolled out video view counts along with the extended length of time. This is key because it means a follower actually stopped scrolling, or viewed the video within the influencers feed. And that means they were interested and feel the content is giving them something they wanted.

What’s important to remember is that putting content in front of hundreds of thousands of people, doesn’t mean they will pay attention. Influencers help to bridge that gap. They create content that people actually care about and working together with brands, they can help tell a story that is relevant and authentic. Instagram video only works in favor of this.


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