Influencers Are Head of the Class for Back to School Shopping

Blake Reynolds

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Kids are enjoying summer days sleeping in and beating the heat, but back to school season is just around the corner. According to CNN, about 53% of consumers say one month before is the best time to purchase school supplies. As much as the kids dread it, parent’s across the country are already planning for stealing some deals on their back-to-school shopping trips.

Retailers and companies alike – don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Recent studies say that parents from Kindergarten through High School plan to spend an average of $434 on back to school items this year. What’s more, while ecommerce has no doubt grown over the past few years, statistics shows that shopping in store still takes the lead for back to school shopping: 64% of consumers shopping for clothing and 70% shopping for school supplies would rather shop in a physical store.

So how do we convince consumers to shop for your specific product at your choice of retailer? The strategy we’ve seen win the race time and time again is influencer marketing. More than ever before, consumers are being guided by peers and people they trust. An infographic by Carlos Monterio shows that 45.7% of shoppers are guided by peer reviews, and 64.1% of shoppers say social media will definitely play a role in back to school shopping. So, why not merge both social media and peer-like influence? Bloggers have already jumped on the power of influencer marketing, bringing their trusted opinion to followers and social media users alike. Let’s take a look at this strategy in action:


A Grande Life shares how she used post-its to create a back to school homework caddy for her kids!


Shelbey from Love, Shelbey shows us her favorite beauty products for a fresh, back to school face.

ziploc-blogger-social fabric-cupcakes-sprinkles-cupcake sprinkles bar-back to school-our mini family-5

Cathy from Our Mini Family shows us how she uses Ziploc products to create a DIY sprinkle bar party before school starts back up!


We all know the house doesn’t keep itself clean, even when school is back in session. Cathy from Three Kids and a Fish shows us how she uses Clorox to quickly and easily keep the house clean during those messy moments.


Alexa from He and I shows us how to make DIY placemats to get those picky eaters to eat the most important meal of the day before school!

Bloggers change the game when it comes to marketing your product. They are a trusted voice in a world of intrusive and ineffective ads. The Social Fabric community has a knack for taking your product and bringing it into their lives in a new, creative way that resonates with their followers. Creativity is just what your consumers need in this back to school season. The clock is ticking – get planning for your back to school season!

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