3 Reasons Why Brands will Benefit from Thinking More Like Bloggers

July 6, 2016

Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator
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Reason #1: You Gotta Have a Little Help from your Friends

If there is one thing blogging will teach you, it is that “you can’t go it alone.”

There is so much amazing talent and creativity in the online world of blogging that it’s very difficult to break through the “noise” when you act alone as a blogger. The average blogger is a small fish in a very big pond. So, how does a life raft separated from the Titanic survive in an ocean of cold water and ice? It ties itself to other life rafts. In this way, the tiny craft can survive the waves with greater resilience. Brands can benefit by doing the same thing.

A group of bloggers ran an experiment on Facebook in which they each took turns promoting the same post and sharing it all at the same time on their Facebook fan pages. Can you guess what happened? A 400% increase in views.

Views and Shares AFTER the blogger group shared and commented:

Shares: 12
Comments: 3
Likes: 6
Views: 399

Before the video was posted in a planned cross promotional effort with other bloggers:

Shares: 1
Comments: 0
Likes: 1
Views: 87

That’s a 400% increase in views. Brands who partner with bloggers on social media can boost their engagement and views.

Reason #2: Bloggers know that Numbers don’t always tell the Whole Story

In this world of online connectivity, don’t be fooled by smaller numbers. As an example, a blogger who has just a little over 2,600 fans on Facebook recently landed a share on a much bigger blogger’s Facebook fan page with over 290,700 Facebook fans. Bloggers help other bloggers out of a desire to build stronger relationships.

Brands who partner with bloggers who build these types of relationships will also benefit. As in the example above, the company did not pay anything extra to have a post about their product plugged into a sharing thread for a mastermind group. The video was shared because the bloggers in the group knew that by joining forces to share Facebook posts, they could multiply their effectiveness and prove that initial Facebook fan page numbers don’t always tell the whole story.

Reason #3: Slow and Steady WINS the Race

Engagement doesn’t happen overnight. Is it true that sometimes a post goes viral? Yes. But it doesn’t happen often. The smart blogger and the smart brand recognize that slow and steady wins the race. The following case study is an example from the Facebook fan page at HappyandBlessedHome.com.

In December of 2015, there were one to four Facebook posts per day. Other than sponsored posts, shares were not planned and were randomly inserted.

On January 1, 2016, HappyandBlessedHome.com became a resource that offers encouragement for moms, easy recipes, preschool tools and ideas for family fun, and began actively seeking out and sharing stellar content in those four categories and here is what happened.

In eight weeks, through regularly scheduled posting to Facebook approximately 12-15 times per day, every day, engagement went up over 800%. Organic reach went up over 700% and daily reach was up nearly 1,000%.

Daily Page Engaged Users Daily Total Reach Daily Organic Reach 28 Days Organic Reach
December 2015 1247 12841 12300 180992
February 2016 10140 122488 122488 1279881
% Increase 813% 954% 996% 707%

In addition, from December 31, 2015 to February 29, 2016, total Facebook likes increased by 348 new organic page likes. Up from 8,004 to 8,352 total page likes.

It was deliberate, planned sharing and consistency over an 8 week period, not an overnight viral post, that created these huge increases in reach and engagement. Brands can use the same technique and work with the bloggers they’ve sponsored to make it happen, by sharing those bloggers’ posts on their Facebook fan page walls.

When brands share posts from the bloggers they work with, they spread some of the Facebook “Karma” on their own brand pages. By sharing posts from bloggers who have hands-on experience with their products, they create a Facebook fan page that is relatable, engaging, and most-of-all, sharable. Partnering with bloggers is a great way to build a stronger presence on Facebook as long as the approach is one that adheres to the adage that “slow and steady wins the race”.

Brands and Bloggers that Promote each other Mutually Benefit

By working together, brands and bloggers can increase impressions, reach, and most of all, engagement on social media. Remember, you need to have a little help from your  friends, numbers don’t tell the whole story, and slow and steady wins the race when it comes to the online world of social sharing.

Article By:

Monica Pruett is the Founder of HappyandBlessedHome.com a website offering encouragement for moms, easy recipes, preschool tools, and ideas for family fun. Monica enjoys networking with other bloggers and collaborating with brands to create new ways to harness social media. Monica’s been blogging for four years, has an undergraduate degree in advertising, and an MBA in International Business. She’s the mother of two energetic boys and wife to her favorite mountain man, Jimmy.  

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Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator

Kirsten Thompson has been blogging since 2010, sharing her passion for home decor, organization, and crafts with her ever-growing audience. Her blog has become her business, Sweet Tea LLC. She educates bloggers on the power of email marketing & blog strategy through webinars, digital products and coaching.