How Are Marketers Doing After The First Quarter?

Bill Sussman

CEO at Collective Bias
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Collective Bias CEO Bill Sussman’s answers originally appeared in Direct Marketing News’ ebook, Marketing Outlook 2016: Part 3, What Should Marketers Do Differently in 2016?

At the start of every year, dozens of marketing prediction articles crop up and 2016 has been no different. However, what good is a yearly predictions piece if marketers don’t evaluate how they’re doing along the way? With the first quarter already gone by, let’s check in.

For a 2016 ebook, Direct Marketing News asked 15 experts in marketing to contribute their acumen on what marketers should be doing differently this year in order to “attract, convert and retain more customers”. Here is the first of two points Collective Bias CEO, Bill Sussman, had to make as one of the contributing experts:

“Marketers should do two things differently in 2016. First, they should take a hard look at their organization’s media mix and evaluate how effectively their push marketing vehicles are generating the amount of engagement needed. This means that marketers must reassess what they’re measuring, and shift to using only engagement metrics that help to build consumer relationships and loyalty that ultimately impact sales.”

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Second, marketers must provide unique, relevant brand content that consumers can turn to whenever they’re in the midst of product research or in-store shopping. Recent findings from Forrester Research tell us that the average consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase, and Nielsen found consumers are five times more dependent on content today than they were five years ago. But it’s not enough to just push out marketing materials; instead, marketers should engage with social influencers and bloggers, as they create content that is not only creative and useful, but also shareable. This kind of evergreen content, whether it’s video or text, can help drive sales year-round.”

With these high-level tips in mind, as a marketer you should be asking yourself these first quarter check in questions:

  1. How effective are your push marketing vehicles? What are your metrics for success?
  2. What does your target consumer want in terms of content available to them? Is it videos, infographics, blog posts, eye-catching Instagrams, etc?  
  3. Is a portion of your content evergreen?
  4. Will this content help your customers while they are conducting product research or shopping in-store?
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