Is Your Brand Staying Authentic?

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We hear the word “authenticity” all the time – in headlines, on social media and especially on blogs. But what does brand authenticity truly mean? Is it just a buzzword for marketers?

Brand authenticity is remaining true to the ideals, values and integrity of your company, while still promoting content across the digital landscape in a way that is genuine to the consumer. For example, if a travel company began working with beauty bloggers solely based on their large followings, it’s safe to say their consumers would (or should!) begin to worry.

Ultimately, brands need to remain authentic to grow and prosper. Use these 4 tips as a guide for helping your brand stay true to its roots.

#1 – Consistency is key.

If your brand’s tagline promotes healthy eating, but retweets an article on binge eating candy for Valentine’s Day, the consumer is going to get confused. Mixed messages lead to confusion and confusion leads to mistrust. The bottom line? Remain consistent on all platforms. Create a thorough media kit, make influencers aware of marketing strategies and never lose sight of the baseline messaging.

#2 – Be real.

With the growth of social media platforms, it’s easy to assume content promotion is automated, but don’t forget the power of engagement. Being responsive on social media shows consumers you care enough to interact with them on a personal level and brings a voice from your brand directly to the consumer.

#3 – Show your personality.

Many times brands don’t want potential customers to think they are too casual on social media, so they take a stuffy, generic approach. Don’t look at it this way! If you represent a fun, family-oriented company, have your brand reflect that. When your personality is uniformly reflected across your branding, you have hit an authenticity homerun.

#4 – Own it.

Did you make an error in a press release or mistakenly post something that didn’t go over so well on social media? Take responsibility – and quickly. If you have the first word on something and apologize, no one else can take the lead and further damage your reputation. Ultimately, we are human and mistakes happen. When you remain accountable, your brand’s integrity stays intact.

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Kait Hanson is a Hawaii-based writer who focuses on food, travel and lifestyle topics. She is a bar columnist for Metro Honolulu and contributing writer for Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, People Magazine and more. When she’s not writing, she can be found trying a new restaurant with her husband or playing with her two chocolate Labs, Judy and Bill, at the beach.
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