Influencers Bring Unique Perspective to Easter Retail

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Pastels are making their way into palettes, the sun stays out to play a little bit later, and consumers everywhere may finally be ready to get their gifting budget out again just in time for our favorite spring-time holiday: Easter.

This holiday isn’t just for the religious. In today’s market, retailers have opened their arms wide in inclusivity by showing consumers the creative ways to say ‘Happy Easter’ outside of the church doors. This means stuffing your Easter baskets, getting a quick memorable photo with the easter bunny, and preparing a meal for those you love. Just like Christmas, through marketing efforts and continued tradition, Easter has become a highly profitable holiday for businesses and retailers. According to NRF, consumers are ‘projected to spend about $16 billion on Easter related items’ this year alone:

  • 2.6 billion is being spent on candy
  • 2.2 billion on gifts
  • 2.6 billion on flower and decorations

Easter has been known to represent renewal and new beginnings. The flowers are finally starting to make a comeback, the grass gets a little greener, and those warmer temperatures start to make a grand entrance. After a long time inside, consumers are eager to try new routines, new activities, and lucky for retailers, new products. Because of the nature of this holiday, Easter is the perfect time to promote your products in a new, fresh way. Maybe it’s a new, seasonal flavor of candy, or maybe it’s giving your consumers a new way to use a standard product. Whichever route you choose to go, Easter is the perfect time to do it.

With retail spending in the $16 billion range, Easter is a time for brands to reach consumers. Click To Tweet

Honing in on the marketing possibilities of Easter opens doors in both American and Latino cultures. While American cultures tend to focus more of their dollars on stuffing an easter basket, Latino consumers focus on food, treats, and new recipes for Pascua, or Holy Week, a week devoted to celebration and religious observances. Unlike in American culture, Easter is actually one of the most important holidays of the year to hispanics!

When it comes to promoting your products for Easter, the market can easily become saturated and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where our influencers come in. Our community of bloggers have a knack for taking a product and putting a new, unique spin on it that traditional marketing just can’t achieve. Take a look at some of the creative ways our blogger community has promoted Easter products in the past:

Andrew from Scrappy Geek shares a fun way to use M&M’s new carrot cake flavor in a bunny cake perfect for your holiday celebrations:

Diana from Diana Rambles put an unexpected twist on pudding cups! We love this cute, creative treat for a class party or Easter day dessert!

Here’s a fun craft by Dee of Meatloaf and Melodrama. Her twine-wrapped eggs are a great addition to your Easter decorations!

Opera Singer in the Kitchen whipped up a fun dessert using one of our favorite easter treats: Peeps!

Whether it’s stuffing an easter basket to the brim with the latest seasonal treats, or taking a classic candy and turning it into a festive recipe, the possibilities are endless for marketing your product this Easter.

Blake Reynolds is a creative living in Fayetteville, AR with hands in design, photography, blogging, and marketing. She spends her weekdays working as a Graphic Designer at Collective Bias HQ, and her weekends curating content for her own personal blog, The Colour Journal. Her passions lie in using creativity to inspire others around her to become more of their truest selves, walking out confidently in their own unique purpose and ability. Connect with Blake:  

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