How to Create A Content Calendar For Your Blog

January 20, 2016
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Organization is a huge key to being successful. The first step in getting your blog organized is creating a content calendar. How many times have you sat looking at a blank computer screen waiting for an idea to pop up? This is valuable time being wasted. Having a content calendar will make you much more efficient and become a roadmap for where you are going to take the guesswork out of your day.

First, brainstorm ideas.

Start thinking of every topic you would like/need to write about. Having a running list will make it easier to fill out the calendar. Think of holidays or upcoming events. Do you have a sponsored post you need to write? Are you launching an ebook? Put everything down on the list.

Paper or digital?

Next, figure out if you want your calendar on paper or if you want it digital. If you are a paper planner person, add all of your posts in your planner. If digital is more your style there are many different places online where you can create your calendar. For example, CoSchedule has a great free template you can download.

Fill in your calendar.

Open your calendar and fill in your content ideas according to what works best for your schedule. Plug in your deadlines first. The non-negotiables need to be scheduled and then you can schedule everything else around them. Also, think about themes. Maybe you want to post parenting tips every Monday and a recipe every Wednesday. Is there a holiday coming up? Keep all of these in mind when filling in your calendar.

Mix seasonal & evergreen.

On the calendar make sure that there is a good mix of seasonal and evergreen content. Seasonal content can bring traffic at peak times. Evergreen content is just as important if not more important because it doesn’t peak at certain times. It will continue to bring traffic for the life of the post. You should aim to have as much evergreen content as you can pump out.

Maintain your calendar.

So now that your content calendar is all set up, stick with it. It is going to save you so much time. Now of course you can still be flexible if needed. When you don’t have to think about what your topic is going to be there is more time to concentrate on actually writing great content. And as everyone says “Content is King.”

About the Author: Jen K is work at home mom currently living in Richmond, VA. She blogs at JVKom Chronicles about family, recipes, and travel with an emphasis on healthy living. Her motto is “you only have one life so you must make the most of it.” She enjoys reading, coffee, chocolate and spending time with her family outdoors.

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