Year in Review: Our Top 8 Resources of 2015

Colleen Vaughan

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This year saw the popularity of influencer marketing begin to skyrocket, as marketers realized how important it is to plug budget dollars into consumer-created endeavors. With this increase in popularity came a bevy of “resources” aimed at educating marketers on the ins and outs of influencer marketing. Where to start? Check out our top 8 most visited and shared ebooks, infographics, whitepapers and blog posts of 2015 (all free!).

1. Don’t Fall Down the Rabbit Hole: The Blogger’s Playbook [Ebook]

This 440-page playbook offers over 200 tips from social influencers on every subject pertaining to social media, starting a blog and learning the necessary steps to monetize a blog. Click here to download.

2. ‘Tis the Season for Shopper Social Media [Infographic]

This spirited holiday infographic takes viewers through the top social sites and their positive effects on holiday shopping. For example, 60 percent of users said Facebook was extremely influential to their holiday shopping. Click here to learn more.

3. Why I Quit Big Impressions [Whitepaper]

This storied whitepaper will walk you through the history of measurement tools for media, from the advent of radio to the “click bait” of banner ads. Learn why metrics like impressions are becoming a useless relic in the new age of engagement. Click here to download.

4. Generating Publicity For Your Blog Is Easier Than You Might Expect [Blog Post]

Calling all budding bloggers! This blog post written by Dan Anderson, owner of the popular Dad Logic blog, will explain how public relations work can generate awareness and drive traffic to your blog. Click here to read.

5. The Path to Influence: Amping Word-of-Mouth Through Brand Ambassadors [Whitepaper]

These days, everyone wants to work with brand ambassadors. They wield the social influence you need for your brand. This white paper provides all the steps necessary to recruit and work with brand ambassadors. Don’t forget to review the included do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing strategies. Click here to download.

6. Social Engagement and Its Impact on A Buyer’s Purchases [Whitepaper]

Last year, Collective Bias and customer analytics company Yeti Data partnered up for this white paper to answer the million dollar question, “what is the measurability of social media, particularly in terms of driving sales?” The answer is yes. Click here to find how the how and why.

7. Beyond the Mommy Blogger: 7 Bloggers Breaking The Mold [Blog Post]

The blogging industry is booming with a large number of these bloggers being classified as “mommy bloggers.” While the term “mommy blogger” may stir up negative connotations to some, it only begins to scratch the surface of the variety of bloggers that are out there. Click here to read up on 7 bloggers challenging the status quo.

8. Social Media As A Second Career Path For Moms [Blog Post]

From blogging to managing social channels for companies to working directly for a social media networking company, a trend of late has lead stay-at-home moms to their second careers in life. Click here to read how popular social influencers were able to start their careers in blogging as moms with a passion for sharing.

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