Why Social Media Is Here to Stay

December 2, 2015
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Written by Sharon Stubbs

Do you remember when Facebook took the internet by storm? Then along came Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. There are plenty of other social media sites out there, but these are my main ones. After the flop of Myspace, I was slow to join anything. I didn’t feel like investing anything in a site that may be gone in a year or two.

Then I realized how much social media brought things to people. At first it was just a quick update for my friends and family, then it was a gathering place of sorts. There are groups for just about everything. Homeschool? There’s a local group for that. Want to learn about essential oils? There’s a group for that. Perhaps you have noticed that every year you seem to receive less and less holiday cards. Know why? Not everybody feels the need to send them anymore. After all, you update friends and family with stories about your life, your kids, and pictures to go along with it all. Suddenly the updating at the end of the year seems redundant.

Friends and family aren’t the only ones who have noticed the change. Businesses are stepping up their social media game as well. Gone are the days of just a straight up advertisement to buy their product. People don’t want to be sold to. They want to hear a story. They want to know how that product can actually fit into their life and make it better. Now, you will read a story about your latest party that you hosted and the amazing fall harvest bars recipe that you are dying to share. That’s real life. The behind the scenes, that’s the advertising. The food, the decorations, the atmosphere you created? That’s real life and that’s what people can relate to.

Social media takes it even further with targeted marketing. Want to advertise to moms? You can. Instead of a blanket advertisement on TV or in the Sunday paper, brands are making their advertising count by getting it in front of those people who actually need, want and will buy that product.

Social media also makes keeping your brand in front of readers even more important. While traditional media can get your brand out there; whether in a newspaper, billboard or on a bathroom door, your brand is reaching people. Social media makes that need even more important, but just once isn’t enough. With the fast pace of this new “sharing” economy, you need to get your brand out there and keep it out there repeatedly. Remember that fantastic recipe you shared that featured those tasty candy treats? It may be the greatest thing ever but if you don’t keep putting it out there for readers to see it may very well get buried under the other thousands of recipes out there. Social media makes it possible. Whether it has gone viral on Facebook or is taking off on Pinterest, getting tons of comments and love on Instagram or being retweeted all day long, that recipe is now being shared over and over. That my friends is the value of social media and that is why what may have seemed like a trend back in 2003 when Facebook began – is here to stay.

About the Author: Shannon is a busy mom of 3 wonderful little ones, Realtor, and blogger. You can find her at www.OurPieceOfEarth.com where she writes about just about anything. You will find a variety of topics including parenting tips, eco friendly living tips, party planning ideas, recipes and so much more. Soon you will find homeschooling tips, tricks and fun activities.

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