How to Become a Pinterest Rockstar

December 18, 2015
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Written by Jill Robbins

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network sites out there. If you’re a blogger or a business, you need to be on Pinterest.

Here’s some tips on how to be a Pinterest superstar:

  1. Get a business account and apply for rich pins

This boosts your Pinterest credibility and gets your pins in front of more people. Do an internet search for “Pinterest for business” and “apply for rich pins” and you’ll be in up and running in no time.

  1. Organize your boards

If you don’t have a board for your website or blog posts, make one. If your website is called Kate’s Cupcakes, you need a board called “Kate’s Cupcakes” or “Posts by Kate’s Cupcakes” or something similar. This should be the first board listed, followed by boards that match the topics that go with your blog or brand. Kate’s Pinterest page might have “Baby Shower Cupcakes” or “Birthday Cupcakes” in the second and third positions. Any seasonal boards should be moved near the top: for example, “Christmas Cupcakes” displayed prominently in November and December.

Any personal interest boards (i.e. travel, music, fashion) are displayed after the blog or website’s boards. You can (and should) reorganize your boards periodically.  I have a “back to school” board that I move to the top in August because that’s what people are interested in around that time of year.

  1. Find group boards in your niche

If you’re a parenting blogger, find parenting group boards to pin to. If you’re a food blogger or fitness blogger, same deal.

Group boards have a little icon with two people on the top right of the board description. Most group boards have a description to list out how you join the board and what the rules are. Scope it out before you join to make sure your content is a good fit. Are you comfortable pinning what you see there? Boards with large, active membership means more eyes on your pins.

Group boards give you a Pinterest boost, but you have to give to get. Don’t “dump and run.” Be an active pinner. Your fellow pinners and Pinterest will reward you.

One word about group boards (and pinning in general): click through and look at the content before pinning based on the image. Once you pin something to one of your boards, it’s a reflection of you, whether you created the content or not. Besides, clicking through to the post helps boost your fellow bloggers and website owners and that’s a nice thing to do.

  1. Make Pinterest-friendly images

Pinterest likes long, thin images. I recommend PicMonkey or Canva. I like to use 800×1400 for pins. I make my pins look similar: I vary the color and image but I stick to the same layout and fonts, for branding purposes. You want people to be able to know a pin came from your blog or website just by looking at it.    

  1. Write a killer alt text

You’ll find this in the “add media” section of the back end of your blog or website. Enter the title of your blog post or article and a description of what it’s about. Writing a descriptive alt text (along with an appropriately sized, attractive image) is what makes your pin stand out and makes people want to click.

  1. Name your boards appropriately…

…and include a description of what the board is about. It’s fine to get creative with board titles but make sure you’re giving readers an accurate idea of what the board is about. If you name a board “Razzle Dazzle” and the cover picture is a pie, your audience will probably be confused and pass it by.

These tips will set you on the path to becoming a Pinterest superstar. Keep looking for more opportunities to learn how to make Pinterest work best for your blog or brand…and happy pinning!  

About the Author: Jill Robbins is a published author and award-winning writer, speaker and wine snob. She writes regularly on her blog, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals. You can keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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