7 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

December 16, 2015
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Written by Stephanie Glover

If you have been blogging for awhile, you can start to feel like you are writing the same thing over and over again, especially during the holidays. But why reinvent the wheel? If you already have the content, save yourself some time and reuse it!


Readers come and go often. The readers who initially read the post may not still be around. In turn, you have new readers that probably have never read your post from a year ago. Instead of just posting and never touching it again, reuse it to your advantage.

  1. Tweak your post for SEO. Like most bloggers, you probably didn’t even think about SEO when you first started out. Maybe, you still aren’t thinking about it. Reworking old content is a great time to boost SEO in an old post. Pick a keyword relevant to your site to work with, link back to similar posts and posts you may have written outside of your own site. When you are done tweaking, republish it!
  1. Freshen up old content. Another way you can freshen up your blog posts is by expanding on them. Have an old recipe that doesn’t really have any content? Expand on it! Share a story about the recipe. Pictures too small or grainy? Reshoot the recipe to bring new life to the post. This also works well for crafts.
  1. Republish using a plugin. Before you go and republish your post, make sure you know how to redirect URLs if you include dates in your in URL. You can use a plugin like WP Repost. You can even schedule your post to be republished every year on the same date!
  1. Create a new blog post linking to old content. Round-ups are still popular on sites like Pinterest. Use that to your advantage! Instead of linking to other sites, create round-ups of your own posts. This works well for seasonal and holiday content and recipes.
  1. Repost and re-promote to social media. Don’t just let your old blog posts site on your site and hope that someone will find them! Promote them on social media. Keep a list of seasonal posts that do well and schedule promotion on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Use a website like Buffer to make scheduling easy.
  1. Turn your blog posts into a daily email series. If you have a series of posts, turn them into a daily email series or course. Utilize your newsletter subscribers to get new eyes on old posts.
  1. Create an ebook. Just like using your old blog posts for an email series, turn your posts it an ebook! Compile all of your 30 minute meals or blogging tips into an ebook. Use your ebook as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter or sell it on Amazon.

About the Author: Stephanie Glover is the blogger and photographer behind A Grande Life. She lives life with her two boys and husband, taking it one latte at a time! You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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