5 Sure-Fire Ways to Reach Millennials this Holiday Season

November 11, 2015
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Written by Shannon Stubbs

When it comes to marketing, there is no one size fits all method. Some generations are easier to market to than others. There are print ads, TV ads, internet ads, social media discounts and coupons and so much more. Today we are going to talk about how you can successfully reach Millennial parents this holiday season.  

Concentrate online.  

It probably comes as no surprise that millennials get most of their information from the internet in some way, shape or form. From laptops to smartphones, this generation is getting their news, shopping deals and education from the internet. Not only that, but they are sharing their life very publicly.  

Stay social.

To be successful at marketing to these folks, you need to stay social online with them. Give them a reason to connect with your brand. Three quarters of millennials have a profile on at least one social media account and they are sharing their thoughts, opinions and experiences.  

Make it count.

Since 3/4 of millennials have a social media profile, you can bet they are sharing the great experiences (both great and horrible) they have had with a brand. More than that, they are sharing these opinions on and offline. If they aren’t getting the results they want trying to fix a problem, you can count on them to call you out on social media. They are also going to share their fantastic experiences on your social media pages so make it count.

Loyalty matters.

Does your brand offer a loyalty program? Research shows that millennials favor brands who offer a loyalty or reward program with 78% of them saying they are more likely to purchase from brands offering these types of programs. 

Engage them.

Millennials want to be a part of what is trendy, fashionable and what their friends are doing. You have to draw them in by making them feel like they matter. 

As a brand, how have you seen marketing shift over the last few generations?  Do you find millennials more or less difficult to market to than other generations?

About the Author: Shannon is a busy mom of 3 wonderful little ones, Realtor, and blogger. You can find her at www.OurPieceOfEarth.com where she writes about just about anything. You will find a variety of topics including parenting tips, eco friendly living tips, party planning ideas, recipes and so much more. Soon you will find homeschooling tips, tricks and fun activities.  

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