Why Influencers Need a Boost from Paid Media

October 21, 2015
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Written by Stacy Barr

Have you ever paid a social media network to “boost” your posts? How about using a program such as Google Adwords? This type of media is known as paid media and if you have been thinking it is only for “bigger” bloggers and companies, you have been mistaken. Even the smallest influencer can benefit from paid media boosts.

As a smaller influencer, you might find that programs like Facebook’s “Boost” or “Promote” feature gives your posts the reach they need to be seen. With enough testing, you can use those paid spots to figure out exactly what type of content your readers want to see, how they respond to other types of content and can even use it to make an extra buck or two. For a smaller influencer who is just getting started, this type of data can be extremely valuable.

For larger influencers who may already have a loyal following, paid media can still pay off for you in huge ways. We are all aware that even on the most open of social media sites, businesses are still only able to reach a portion of their fans or followers. Using paid media can not only help you reach the rest of those people, but can also help you reach new followers. This can be invaluable when it comes to growing your business.

Knowing which posts or sites to use a paid media boost on comes with time and with experience. For some, it will be a killer recipe that has started to go viral on its own. For others, it will be an affiliate offer, an opinionated blog post or even sponsored blog content. The kind of content that you consider boosting will vary from blogger to blogger and company to company.

You might find yourself asking just why you should pay to have your ads seen. Money is tight for most people these days and I can understand the feeling of wanting to know you’re going to get a return on your investment. Let’s look at one of my own ad boosts:     

>> Affiliate offer “A” earns me $100.00 without a boost.

>> I spend $500.00 on Facebook ads to boost the post.

>> Affiliate offer “A” ends the month with $1500 in earnings.

While I spent $500 on the ad, I also made $1500 total on it. That is a $1,000 profit and a 200% return on my investment. If I had not used paid media, I would have likely only earned a bit over the $100 that it initially earned. Instead, I took a chance and was very successful with it.
Paid media shouldn’t scare you. Instead of looking at it as a chance to lose money, view it from an entirely different point of view. It is a chance to reconnect with your followers, to reach new ones and to boost your earnings in some way shape or form. Every influencer that is looking to grow should be using it and the ones who already do, will stand out from the pack because of its benefits.


About the Author: Stacy Barr is the face and brain behind the frugal living and personal finance blog, Six Dollar Family. She lives in East Texas with her husband, daughter, 2 cats, and 2 rescued pups that are almost as tall as she is. Stacy loves helping others save and build a better life for themselves as she has done for herself. In her off time, she can frequently be found in front the television making fun of “B” class movies with her hubby, belting out bad karaoke with her daughter, and of course, saving every dime that she possibly can.

Find more personal finance tips, tasty recipes and or to learn more about Stacy, visit her at www.sixdollarfamily.com

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