Pets and Halloween: Treats, Costumes and Phobias

October 16, 2015
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Written by Sharon Williams 

Halloween has traditionally been a people­ holiday, with candies and costumes being intended for the children and adults in the household. But in recent years, pet owners have come on board and created a market for pet themed costumes and dog-friendly treats. An article in Time says that Americans will spend barely three times more on costumes for children than they will for pets. That means that a lot of parents are spending their money on their four-legged members of the family. Businesses will do well to incorporate the love for pets into their yearly budget and new inventory ideas.

For many pet owners, Halloween is a great opportunity to splurge on crafts, DIY projects, pet-friendly treats and costumes. Not only do pet owners spend money on the supplies for DIY projects, but they also are more willing than ever to go out and buy store bought costumes and specialty treats for their cats and dogs. In 2015, Pet owners spent over $60 billion on pet supplies, food and care.

And not all that money is spent on the necessities. The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $330 million on pet costumes this year. That’s a lot of money spent on dressing up our pets. For some crafty pet owners, they prefer to keep their money in their pocket and make their own costume.

Looking for DIY pet costume ideas? PetMD has 5 easy to recreate dog costumes starting with mummies, skeletons, ghosts and even Underdog. Animal Planet shows you how to turn your pet into a skunk, newlywed or even a pretty flower.

Dog costumes don’t have to be elaborate works of art. Last summer, we decided that our dog deserved to be a top chef! A simple red and white striped handkerchief and miniature DIY chef hat created the exact look. This would be perfect for him to wear as we head out to trick or treat.

Create some tasty Treats:

When it comes to Halloween, pet owners know that human candy is not healthy for our pets. Not only can candies and chocolate give the pets a stomachache, but also some food can cause serious illness. Angie from shows us how to fill a Halloween basket for your dog with simple snacks and a few fun toys!

If you are ready to create a costume and treat in one project, maybe you will love a Halloween lei! You could customize this lei with orange and black to celebrate the colors of Halloween and create a trick or treat snack for your dog at the same time!


Keep your Pets Safe:

Whether you decide to buy a costume to turn your little dog into an Ewok or craft a full mummy costume, remember to keep your pets safe and comfortable during the Halloween season. Costumes should be free of loose cords, strings or ribbons that could choke or trip your pet as they are walking.

For some dogs who feel very protective over their home and owners, the constant stream of trick or treat visitors can cause them great distress. Sarah from SweetLilYou tells us that her dog has a hard time with Halloween trick-or-treat visitors at their house. Even though her dog, Daisy can handle fireworks or thunderstorms, trick­-or­-treaters in monster costumes drives her crazy.

If the ringing of the doorbell or strangers on the porch disturbs your pet, consider keeping him in a back room where he won’t have to confront each little monster visitor.


Check out these fun pets dressed up in their favorite Halloween costume:

Dog in spider costume

How do you plan to help your pets celebrate Halloween? We’d love to see your adorable pets all decked out for the holidays!

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