Influencers Need To Be Picky About Their Relationships

October 14, 2015
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Written by Ashleigh Evans

When I first started blogging, if there was any chance at making some extra coffee money I was on board! Now that I’ve been in this game for over five years, I know that authenticity is my first priority. Since I have a budget-minded website, I need to think about my readers and if I would actually use the products in real life. If I start chatting about a $600 blender, that doesn’t seem genuine. In a recent New York Times article, the topic of brand relationships is discussed and why influencers have the opportunity now to be picky with whom they work with. Many brands are now realizing the huge reach influencers now have and their impact on people– they have an opportunity to spread the word like no one else can. Here’s five things to consider when contemplating a brand relationship.

Does this fit my brand? Would I use this product?

This goes back to authenticity: would this fit with your brand and voice? If you are a food writer, would a toy review make sense? I believe this is why many people chose the label “lifestyle” for their blogs. It fits many different areas for relationships. Also consider how you change throughout time. If you started writing as a single lady without kiddos and are now married with a baby, does an ad for a dating website work? Be sure that you have consistency across the board.

Is this an equal partnership?

Is this relationship fair on BOTH ends? Equal give and take is a requirement for me to say “yes” to an offer. Be sure that everything is laid out beforehand and both parties understand what is required from the relationship. At the SoFabU On The Road blogger conference in Chicago, there was a discussion of contracts and I really agree that it is the best route to take to protect yourself in the long run. Nothing is worse than feeling taken advantage of! I always make sure that I work with brands that will help me promote the posts I work so hard on!

Do I have time for this?

Think about your schedule and what you have on your editorial calendar in the future. Do you have time to do everything that is asked of you in a reasonable amount of time? You don’t want to make promises you can’t keep. For your reputation, be sure that you can do the best job you possibly can. You never know where something might lead!

Have I worked with any competitors?

When you are working with a brand, be sure that you are loyal to them and avoid working with competitors. If you’re working with Coke, you can’t write about how you are a Diet Pepsi fanatic. This goes across all social media, too! It’s easy to post a picture on Instagram without even thinking about it.

Don’t be afraid to say no!

Does something feel shady? Say no! For any reason, don’t feel guilty when you turn down an offer. Not all brands realize the effect of influencer or their value! Can you pay your bills with kind words? Not at my cable company! Keep in mind that your time and influence have worth.

About the Author: Ashleigh Evans writes about food, family and shares budget tips on her blog Being Cheap is Easy. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, three girls and two crazy rescue dogs. You can follow along with her crazy life on Instagram and Facebook

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