7 Seriously Mindboggling Benefits of Social Fabric University

October 23, 2015
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Fondly called SoFabU, Collective Bias’ proprietary eLearning platform offers a no-cost education for the members of their Social Fabric community. Our tagline is: Education for the Professional Influencer. Courses cover current topics of concern to today’s blogger/influencer. Amy Callahan, COO and co-founder says, “We had three goals when launching SoFabU. The first was to provide expert education, training, and resources to help our community members become world-class influencers. Concurrently, to help them increase their readers/followers/influence so they can grow, thrive, and prosper. Lastly, to build loyalty within the Social Fabric family.”

What is Seriously Mindboggling about The U?

It is FREE to SoFab members. However, that just scratches the surface of the valuable content available at The U. Here are seven highlights of the program:

  1. Online Learning at Your Own Pace

From Blogging to Tech and Social Media to Photography and Marketing, we offer training to Social Fabric community members to benefit growth of their businesses and blogs. You can learn everything necessary to become a professional blogger/influencer at SoFabU!

  1. Fits Your Lifestyle

Many of our students are full-time parents with busy lifestyles. With that in mind, our on-demand SoFabU workshops, classes, and seminars are designed to allow the student to participate according to their schedule. Our training is available anywhere and anytime, so students can tap into the course materials whenever it is convenient for them.

  1. Suits Your Learning Style

SoFabU embraces technologically advanced methods of eLearning. Video, audio, podcasts, eBooks, webinars, live events, Facebook groups, etc. are the core of our diverse course delivery systems. The online courses work across multiple platforms and all digital devices from any location with access to the Web.

  1. Learn the Latest from the Best

Top Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the blogging and social media space teach our courses. Students choose from three learning tracts – Content, Social Media, and Business. Photography, Storytelling, Video, SEO, Content Marketing, and E-mail Marketing are just a few of the courses in the current curriculum.

  1. Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

We encourage interactivity and collaboration at The U. We host SoFabU On the Road events to bring our courses to life. Communication techniques, which create an interactive online environment, include live chats, blab sessions, demonstrations, streamed videos, personalized coaching and mentoring, discussion groups, chat rooms, e-mail, tips, tutorials, FAQs, and much more. SoFabU students encourage and instruct each other and, most importantly, keep each other accountable. We think of it as a support community within a support community.

  1. Seriously Mindboggling Support

The SoFabU team is dedicated and available to our students through our Student Lounge, the SoFab HUB, e-mail, and help desk. We encourage students to communicate with each other and us. We offer coaching and mentoring programs for those needing additional help. The team is available to give you feedback on your course ideas, review your coursework, troubleshoot issues, and motivate you to become a life-long learner.

  1. Commitment to Your Success

This is our guiding mission. We want our members to succeed and grow as influencers in their blogging/social media space.

SofabU is the new face of online learning and exemplifies the strong commitment we have to our community. Social Fabric University sets the new standard for eLearning in the social media space.

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