3 Things Marketers Don’t Think About Regarding Influencer Marketing

October 7, 2015
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Written by Stacy Barr

In business there are two types of companies. The first could be described as the company who recognizes when they have a golden opportunity in front of them, takes advantage of that opportunity and watches not only their profits soar, but their reputation as a company grow as well. The second type of company is the one who advertises and runs campaigns, but totally neglects to see the forest for the trees and misses out of that golden opportunity that Company A grabbed and ran with. What is that opportunity, you ask?

Influencer Marketing.

The market for Influencer Marketing grows every single day and it is one that can literally help make a business. The internet is full of bloggers, authors, video stars and more who are all willing to talk your product up and help your company. The great thing about it is that it can be very easy to break into for a company. There are however a few things you should know before you event attempt to reach out to your favorite influencers. These three things marketers don’t think about regarding influencer marketing are the three biggest things you should remember as you begin the process of reaching out.

Influencer marketers actually do have influence – Whether you’re reaching out to a “mommy blogger” or a well established author, there is obviously a reason that you’re reaching out to them and it wouldn’t hurt you to remember that reason. Every single blogger, YouTube star or Instagram celebrity that you have reached out to has an actual influence that can help to make or break your company. I have seen a group of bloggers catapult a company to millions in profit and I have also seen that same group of bloggers completely destroy a business when they were shown to be cheating their customers. When you email a blogger or other influencer, you are asking for their endorsement and that endorsement is one that they have spent countless hours building a reputation to give. Always approach them with the professional respect they deserve and they will show you that same respect in return.

You get what you pay for – While I understand that your company has a budget, I can guarantee that the marketer you’re emailing does as well. It can be quite insulting to a marketer to receive an email reply with “we don’t have a marketing budget” or “we don’t pay for posts” when you are sent sponsored post rates. Obviously you have a marketing budget. You won’t be in business very long if you didn’t. As I mentioned in the above, when you email an influencer, you are asking for their endorsement. That endorsement should be no different than it would be with a famous athlete short of the price difference. Also keep in mind that the old adage really is true. An influencer who is willing to work for free is an influencer who will not give you their absolute best work. Ask yourself if you really want your company represented by someone who is not giving you their best.

Yes, you really do need to pay us – Whether you work for a huge company or a small start up, please remember that your business is just as important to you as ours is to us. As a blogger, there is nothing worse for me than a marketing rep who just doesn’t seem to understand that bloggers do indeed run legitimate businesses. We have the same expenses that your company does and in some cases, we struggle to make those expenses. That influencing opportunity you’re offering us helps to pay our bills, feed our children and yes, keep our companies running. By showing us that you truly do understand that? We will all be more likely to work with you and to build a long-standing business relationship with you.


About the Author: Stacy Barr is the face and brain behind the frugal living and personal finance blog, Six Dollar Family. She lives in East Texas with her husband, daughter, 2 cats, and 2 rescued pups that are almost as tall as she is. Stacy loves helping others save and build a better life for themselves as she has done for herself. In her off time, she can frequently be found in front the television making fun of “B” class movies with her hubby, belting out bad karaoke with her daughter, and of course, saving every dime that she possibly can.


Find more personal finance tips, tasty recipes and or to learn more about Stacy visit her at www.sixdollarfamily.com

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