3 Reasons You Need to Let Influencers Be Creative

October 1, 2015
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Written by Julie Sancken

It’s no surprise how quickly and how easily we can be influenced these days. We see commercials featuring our favorite actors/actresses, ads for beauty regiments featuring supermodels, and our friends and family have a lot of sway with our influence. With social media front and center, we are influenced daily, hourly, and sometimes, even within minutes! Because we are influenced so greatly by the world around us, it is important for brands to maximize on their audience, and how they let their influencers showcase their product or idea.

Creativity shows uniqueness.

One size fits all is not the best approach for campaigns. By letting your influencers have some creative reign, your product or idea will be showcased in ways that you may not have thought of! Brands turn to bloggers because they showcase variety and get away from traditional media. Letting your influencers have creative freedom helps to break the mold instead of pursuing the social media market.

Blogger freedom pays off.

Letting your influencers unleash their creativity for a campaign can be hugely beneficial. Their work quality tends to be better because they get to create something they are passionate about, leading to a final product that is a reflection of that. It can also be beneficial for the audience to see the blogger having FUN with the product! This can amplify the campaign even more.

Creativity reaches more people.

Tap into a bigger audience simply by letting your influencers dictate the course of the campaign. With creativity comes a bigger audience reach, and that can also reach a broader spectrum of demographics. As a brand, this is the goal — to get your product into the hands of more people.

Creative freedom can go a long way with bloggers in how they approach the product, the quality of work, and the way in which it is shown through social media. As a brand, embracing the creative energy with the influencers, your final product can be shown in multiple ways, thus spreading the word to a more diverse group of people.

About the Author: Julie attended Illinois State University and graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. She is a wife to her high school sweetheart, and stay-at-home mom to Brayden (6) and Kenley (3). In her spare time, she blogs over at Just Julie Ann and has her own photography business. She enjoys life in Central Illinois helping with her husband’s farm and at her parents’ aerial application business.

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