Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

September 3, 2015

Rebecca Parsons

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Over 30 million Pins throughout Pinterest recently became buyable. Now that consumers can purchase products within Pinterest, should retailers jump on the bandwagon? The highly addictive platform is often the first stop for consumers researching purchases. The convenience of tapping the blue ‘Buy It’ button marries the shopping and buying process, allowing browsers to buy it now – pure instant gratification. In addition, it is FREE.

Brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom went live the first week. The Pinterest partnership with Shopify and Demandware enables small retail businesses to enter the Pinterest selling game. Being an early adopter might just improve the bottom line for retailers large and small this year.

Video by Pinterest

How does it work?

Buyable Pins appear in the home feed, in the search and category feeds as well as boards. When a Pinterest visitor (Pinner) spots a pin with a blue price, they can buy it right from the app. They can scroll through more images from that retailer with the ‘see more’ feature. They no longer have to visit the retailer’s website to make a purchase. There is also a price filter to sort the price point of buyable pins. There are search categories, including “Shop our picks” — a curated selection of seasonal goods — and “Shop” for the latest buyable Pins.

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When a Pinner makes a choice, they simply tap on the “Buy It” button to pay with Apple Pay, PayPal or a credit card. The product is shipped for the same price the Pinner would pay on the merchant’s website. It’s that simple.

Mobile Devices Only For Now

Pinterest says, “More and more people on Pinterest are using it on their mobile devices. But, it can be hard to make purchases on those devices. Buyable Pins work so seamlessly on mobile, they’ll help you close the sale right when someone has the impulse to buy.” The simple, secure checkout is just for mobile. “If you’re in the U.S., you’ll be able to discover more than 2 million Buyable Pins on your iPhone or iPad at the end of July. If you’re on Android or using your desktop, you’ll see them in future releases.”

Buyable Pins are currently only available to select U.S. retailers or businesses using commerce platforms Shopify or Demandware. If you are interested in creating Buyable Pins to sell your products, there is a waitlist sign up form.

Pinterest Buyable Pins – a Powerful eCommerce Tool

Amy Callahan, Co-founder and CCO of Collective Bias writes in a Huffington Post article, “It isn’t enough to just put your hashtag on other marketing materials and assume that shoppers will know what to do with it. You must give them an action to take, especially a sharing action encouraging them to share their own experience with the brand or with friends and family.” She explains the future of social media marketing, “Within the next five years, social media spending is projected to represent 21 percent of the overall marketing budget. But don’t just check the social media box – spend time to really understand your shopper’s new path to purchase. You might be surprised and learn the audience you intended to target is totally different than the one you should target online. Once you have determined how your audience behaves online, seamlessly integrate targeted, relatable and engaging content into your overall shopper marketing campaign to see the highest return.”

The newest way to buy may prove to be the best way of attracting new customers while cultivating existing customers. Marketing plans are being updated to include Buyable Pins. If a retailer selects a “wait-and-see” attitude, they may find themselves seriously behind in a few months as Pinners discover and forge relationships with early adopters.

For more information, visit Buyable Pins on Pinterest.

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