Homegating For The Win

September 14, 2015
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Everyone has been to or heard of a tailgating event. This is where one gathers with friends, family and fans to celebrate their team with food, drink, and fanfare before they head into an event. The tailgating phenomena began in the 60’s when Georgia fans traveled down to Florida for a game, but there were no bars around to celebrate in. They decided to party out of their cars instead. As we know, this tradition spread and has become a culture for events these days. In recent years, a new tradition has emerged called homegating. There are various reasons why celebrating at home or, “homegating”, has been catching on. One is due to the economy and rising prices for tailgating adventures. From the cost of the admission ticket to parking fees to tailgating supplies, this can really add up for fans. In 2013, it was estimated that $35 billion is spent on food and beverages alone for tailgating every year. That’s quite a market. The average tailgater is a college educated male between the ages of 35-44 who spends over $500 on tailgating food alone. Just imagine how the rest of it adds up?

As rising costs are leading the way for people to turn to homegating, so are other factors like people wanting to make it more a family event or to use their big screen TV they purchased for the home media room. Some even just want to avoid the crowds. Families are now enjoying creating homegating parties with family and friends. From recipes to decor, you can find inspiration all over the Internet. One study showed the average cost of tailgating versus homegating, and the savings really did add up! Tailgating came in at $5,235 for a family of four and only $2,725 for a homegating event. That’s a significant savings. Some feel being at the actual event is priceless, and you should not worry about finances when you really want the experience for you and your family. Whichever mindset you take, it’s a fact that many are turning to homegating now as a great option to celebrate their teams. The Social Fabric community of bloggers have some of these homegating fans. Here are some great ideas from them about making homegating a win in your household!

Rustic Football Chip, Dip & Suds Station (from Kendall Rayburn)


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DIY Football Food Stadium (from Happy and Blessed Home)


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Big Game Treats (from Julie is CoCo and Cocoa)



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