15 Essential Tools for Optimizing Your Content

September 10, 2015
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There is no doubt that social and content marketing is getting more and more sophisticated and it is nearly impossible to keep up and drive results without tools. But which tools? There are so many to choose from. While attending Content Marketing World 2015, I have picked up some key recommendations.

Here are founder of RazorSocial, Ian Cleary’s top 15 tools to use.
1. Inbound writer
Inbound Writer can help you determine if your proposed article is worthy of writing and gives you helpful clues for writing better titles. Inbound Writer can also help you get ongoing organic traffic.
2. Optinmonster
No time to read an article? Optinmonster helps you create a downloadable PDF version of the article to be read later. This will help enormously with converting opt-ins. And Optinmonster integrates with Mail Chimp!
3. Edgar for Social Management
This tool finds categories, quotes and evergreen posts and helps you constantly share content on different channels. It is important to get enough links to your content, which will net you a thumbs up vote from Google ranking.
4. AHrefs
Paste in a link from content and it will show you out of date content. AHrefs will also show you how many links there are to the post. Send emails to those links and ask to link to your updated content. AHrefs comes in both free and paid versions and is a great way to gain links to your content.
5. Gaggleamp
You need to take advantage of your audience to amplify content. Create a Gaggle, a group of people who typically share your content, and Gaggle will connect your content to your Gaggle helping them share the content. You can use to integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook and various channels.
6. Google Tag Manager
Need to track content across multiple sites? With Tag Manager, the code goes on all sites and it will track from site A to site B. Bonus, it’s a free tool.
7. Tailwind
Need more traction with Pinterest? Tailwind helps you find content and then share it out on Pinterest.
8. Grammarly
Spelling and grammar issues? Grammarly will help identify grammar or spelling issues even in older posts. Fixing grammar and spelling issues to avoid Google penalties.
9. Hotjar
Hotjar gives you heat maps of your site to understand where people are going on your site. And Hotjar can provide you with visitor recordings and even give you form analytics.
10. Brand24
Not monitoring/tracking conversations? Brand24 helps idenitify influencers to interact with it and gives you the flexibility of monitoring brand names and specific keywords.
11. Traackr
Not building relationships with influencers? Traack helps identify influencers, track and measure.
12. AgoraPulse
AgoraPulse helps you identify your brand ambassadors who you might invite to be part of Gaggle.
13. Topsy
Not promoting content enough? Find people sharing similar content. And engage with them to help share your content. Topsy offers both free version and paid versions.
14. ClickFunnels
Followers aren’t converting? ClickFunnels allows you to pick different pages and create different types of funnels using various sequences of pages of content to convert sales.
15. SocialRank
Need to know more about your Instagram and Twitter followers? SocialRank helps you identify them, manage and leverage the data.
What are your favorite tools? 
Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on the best content marketing tools.
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