Professional Growth vs. Brand Integrity

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Written by Jason Francis

As businesses continue to shift their attention to digital influencers as the force behind their marketing campaigns, new dilemmas arise that are unique to the social media space. Unlike in the mainstream environments of marketing like TV, radio or print, social media has a much more direct tie between what a content creator stands for and what they do professionally. How do you balance the personal brand which you represent with your responsibility to brand commitments and overall professional growth? For many, this is the biggest decision you will make in your career.

The world doesn’t operate on a schedule. Traumatic events happen out of the blue and often times cause conflicts with what you intended to do and what feels right to you. We enter agreements with large companies that have deadlines and expectations. These are opportunities created out of the presence we have all built for ourselves in our respective fields. Personally as a lifestyle blogger, my content and reach spans a number of sensitive topics. I have often had posts scheduled to go live and then had events take place that change the tone of the day.

Part of our responsibility is to properly navigate the social climate we are active in. Sometimes it’s not a proper fit to drop that scheduled product post when your network is dealing with a social issue or civil unrest. This new age of communication allows us a flexibility that can result in being equally aware of the world around us while simultaneously fostering professional relationships.

No situation is the same. Depending on who you’re working with you may not have the option to delay a post. If that is the case then do what you need to do but know your readers, know your audience and understand that not only are they aware of what you say but they are aware of what you don’t say. People invest in us due to connections we make through our content. It may be written words, video or still images but regardless of the type of expression, we need to be able to deliver messages that are equally relevant to the world we live in as much as they are compelling commercially.

The larger you desire to be professionally, the more this responsibility has to be understood. We are all different and it is not required that every one of us be freedom fighters on the front lines of every single social issue. It is also unrealistic to just forsake the financial opportunities that you have created but it goes a long way to humanize your digital voice to have a stance of whatever it is that matters to you while fulfilling your duties.

In the end, your brand will only strengthen as you reflect dignity and moral understanding in conjunction with business savvy.

About the Author: Jason Francis is a Writer, Blogger and Social Media consultant. He specializes in connecting the rapidly growing world of digital media and entrepreneurship via social media. His site speaks on a number of social, technical and professional issues that affect the lives of young business people. In addition to this, he manage the social media for the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an international collective with 10,000 members worldwide.

Twitter – @TrueomegaNexus // Instagram – @Nightfall914


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