How Often Should You Post?

August 4, 2015
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Written by Kayla Domeyer

Whoa buddy, slow down! I mean, we’re not even on a first name basis and you expect me to know your innermost secrets? While it may not appear so at first, a blogger’s posting schedule is an extremely personal thing. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect frequency, time, or day to post. Each blogger’s life, goals, work ethic, content, and audience are different.

In general, a posting schedule is one of the most important elements to consider when battling the ever-looming “blogger burnout”. The amount of time spent curating and promoting content is often the number one stress on a blogger. Finding a good posting schedule is the first line of defense against feeling overwhelmed and giving up. No one can tell you what is right for you, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The most common posting schedules are as follows: Multiple times per day, once daily, 3-5 times a week and once a week. Each one of these schedules has pros and cons, and each one suits different content, bloggers, and audiences with varying success. It’s okay to try on a couple schedules and see what works for you, but it is important to be consistent. Try each schedule for a few weeks or months and gradually transition into the next. Jumping, for example, from once a day to once a week has the potential to be jarring for the reader.

Multiple Times per Day:

This schedule is for the woman on a mission. The smartphone toting savant who enjoys typing up short posts several times a day. The content for this type of schedule is usually something short. Quotes, links to interesting articles, photos and news are all good topics to be posted many times a day.  Additionally, due to search engine methods and other factors, multiple posts per day is generally the highest trafficked schedule. The downside to this frequency is content quality. When a blogger commits to posting several posts a day, each post is bound to be shallow and short. Also, keeping up the manic pace could be exhausting and drain a blogger of their drive or ideas.

Committing to so many posts means devoting a huge chunk of a blogger’s every single day to their business. For some, this is a dream come true. For others, the inability to take a break – or a sick day – could spell disaster. If burnout is on the horizon, this posting schedule is not the best choice.

Once Daily:

One step down in pace from Multiple Times per Day, Once Daily bloggers are often creatures of habit. This schedule can be a huge asset to someone who needs routine in her blogging life or else risk losing motivation. Photo of the day, creative writing exercises, sketch book diaries, and journal type content fits well in this schedule, as the content is short and variable from day to day. This posting frequency also enjoys a traffic boost, and might be a good way to establish a foothold for a new blog. It might mean, however, that there is less time to spend promoting posts and researching. The main downside is similar to the frantic Multiple Times per Day; bloggers might struggle to produce quality content daily, and risk losing their motivation in the daily grind.

Having a daily tether to their blog could be very motivating to a blogger. Every day is a new page, a new post, and a new reason to get out and experience the world. It could also, however, be a ball and chain, weighing every day like an anchor. In combatting burn out, those with this schedule would be wise to pre-write a couple of posts. Enough to take a spontaneous day off, or a weekend vacation.

3-5 Times per Week:

Smack in the middle of the road is where this type of blogger wants to be. Not too fast Goldilocks, and not too slow. Bloggers who post a handful of posts per week often employ day of the week series like “Throwback Thursday” or “Fave Friday” coupled with longer editorial posts.  This frequency allows for the most variation of long and short posts and that in turn means that content quality doesn’t suffer. Also, a blogger with this leisurely schedule could have more time to spend doing research or promoting their content, rather than writing every day. The bad news? Because of the lesser frequency, this schedule might take some time to build traffic.

In terms of burn out, 3-5 times per week is a really flexible model. Not feeling good today? Skip it. For some bloggers, the freedom afforded by this type of schedule is a perfect balance. There is less of that “I need to be posting” pressure, but still enough content for steady audience growth.

Once per Week:

This frequency is just right for a blogger with other responsibilities. There are seven days between posts, which means that content can be of the highest quality.  The once a week schedule suits several content types like political opinions, tutorials/diy and movie reviews. But, this type of post is like a weekly magazine, and it could take quite a long time to build up readership.

The lack of daily pressure in the once a week schedule could also help prevent blogging burnout and keep the blogger interested and fulfilled. Between posts there is plenty of time to manage other tasks, promote, explore new ideas and generate content. If something doesn’t pan out, there is time to change direction and start again. For some bloggers, however, this long spacing will be a reason to procrastinate. That means just as much stress as more frequent schedules but none of the frequency related traffic boost.

So, how often should I post?

It’s not a short question to answer, but it does need answering. Every day new bloggers come on the scene, long time bloggers get burned out, and new to-dos are added to our lists. Life is about balance, and blogging needs to fit into the weigh scale that each blogger is most comfortable with. For me, a well suited posting schedule and time management keep me light enough to outrun that infamous blogger burnout and to find joy in what I do. With a little luck, they’ll help you too.

About the Author: Kayla is a professional graphic designer who loves to spend her time creating unique and affordable printables and DIY projects.  She’s married to her high school sweetheart and has 3 adorable cats.  She’s the face of Sweet Anne Designs [] and can be found tinkering in the kitchen, the garage, or crafting on the living room floor.

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