Why Do Odd Articles Generate Great Traffic?

July 30, 2015
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Written by Andrew Eaton

Bloggers using odd articles to generate traffic is becoming increasingly popular. From strange recipes to unusual DIY projects, it seems the stranger the better as far as website traffic is concerned. Odd articles generate wonderful streams of traffic because they intrigue the reader, and they provide excellent visual content.

We’ve all done it: we have seen something strange and clicked on an article to see how it was done or how the finished project turned out. We have wondered “how did they do that?” or “what is that made of?” The blogger’s imagination is the only limit to an odd article. The key is to intrigue the readers and give them an amazing visual display.

If you’ve browsed Pinterest lately, you know exactly what we’re talking about. That funky shaped birthday cake with 14 different colors and sparklers protruding from the top or that unusual, yet amazingly gorgeous coffee table made from nothing but old wine crates. These are the types of unusual things that can drive excellent blog traffic.

Why do odd blog articles generate great streams of traffic? The answer is quite simple, either no one else is writing about the topic, or you’ve managed to captivate the reader and create an addictive article with stellar imagery.

Low Competition

If you’re writing about an unusual topic that not many others are writing about, you’ll notice while doing your keyword research that there is a low competition rate. Having low competition is a signal that you’re about to embark on a journey to write an odd article. Something not many others are interested in writing about.

Because the content is unusual, the search competition is low. This also means that there is a likelihood that there are less people searching for the content in your article. In turn, with less people searching for your odd article topic, it’s important to do proper keyword research to maximize your article’s potential.

With low competition, proper keyword research and on page SEO techniques, it’s easy to rank high in search results for your odd articles, thus producing a steady stream of traffic.

Amazing Imagery

When articles are loaded with stellar images, they’re more likely to be shared over social media. Great images telling an odd story often produce great results. Have you seen a cool picture of something on social media and just had to click on the link to find out more? We all have, and that’s what makes social media so wonderful for producing blog traffic. We can quickly jump from our social norms to a blog article which intrigues us.

I’m sure you’ve even shared a picture of a coffee table made from wine crates, or at least know someone who has. This shows you exactly how something out of the ordinary can produce great results. Imagery matters, captivate the audience and create an addictive response.

People Like Odd

It may be as simple as that. People like to see and read things that are odd, silly and off-the-wall. There are many sayings such as “you don’t see that every day” which come to mind. Odd and unusual articles resonate with people because of the pure fact that it’s not something they see every day. It’s not just another ad, it’s not just another craft, it’s not just another recipe – it’s weird and it’s cool and it’s something we all want to click on.

Regardless of genre or niche, articles with unusual or odd content can produce endless streams of traffic, so long as the content resonates with the audience. Odd articles are contagious, they catch on and can spread like wildfire.

Therefore, next time you’re brainstorming about an article topic, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and come up with something a little odd. Your readers may just love it!

About the Author: Andrew Eaton is a New England native who enjoys the freedom of freelance blogging, web design and social media management. He loves to explore the nooks and crannies of New England as well as travel across the country with his best friend and better half, Katie. He is an avid DIYer, a magician in the kitchen and a geek at heart. He blogs at Scrappy Geek.

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