The Weekly Bias: MasterCard Selfies & Facebook Authorship

July 8, 2015

Brett Sosnik

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While the US Women’s National Team has stolen the headlines after claiming another World Cup Title, there’s been a lot of great social media news recently. Let us know what your thoughts on these articles in the comments section below!

MasterCard’s Gonna Let You Pay With Your Face

MasterCard is looking to take advantage of Millennials’ obsession with selfies by enhancing its security system with facial recognition identification. By utilizing the front facing camera on a mobile device, MasterCard will allow customers to literally pay with their face. By utilizing an app on their mobile device, customers can verify their identity with their face or their fingerprint to complete in-store, online or mobile purchases with their MasterCard credit card. Rather than just signing a receipt, handing over an ID, or having to memorize a password that could get stolen, users simply look at the camera, blink when prompted to pay—to ensure it’s a real person and not a picture—and their ID is verified and the payment is made. It’s simple, easy, and safe. The company is currently testing it with 500 cardholders but will eventually roll out this feature publicly.

Facebook Adds Authorship. Bloggers Take Note!

Authorship meta-tags are coming to Facebook, the company announced recently. Similar to the now obsolete Google Authorship feature, meta-tags can now be added to any piece of content that will help provide a linked author name in all shares of that article on Facebook, hopefully leading to more engagement with that author’s personal or brand page as well as their other work. This will be hugely impactful for all content creators, writers, and bloggers, who will be able to ensure their name and brand can easily be linked back to as their content spreads across the Facebook network. For complete directions on how to enable Facebook Authorship on your website or blog, check out the link or check out Facebook’s blog post about the feature here.

What You Need to Know About Google’s Recent ‘Phantom’ Update

Back in April, Google released an update to its Mobile-Friendly algorithm—known as “Mobilegeddon’”—to help improve mobile SEO. However, since then, many people have noticed further changes to mobile search rankings. This is because of an unannounced change that has since been dubbed as the “Phantom Update” because of Google’s lack of advanced notice. The company did not admit the to the change at first, but was eventually pressured into confirming the update. The Phantom Update instituted further quality assurances to guarantee search rankings showed websites with the highest quality content and the best information possible. Google is constantly making tweaks to its algorithm, so there is no need to panic as long as you are already following SEO best practices, continuing to create high quality content and your organic search traffic should not be affected.

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