Staying Competitive with Brands Targeting Latina Millennials

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Written by Vianessa Castaños

If there is anything that the media and brands are finally noticing, it’s that the US Hispanic market is on fire, and that fire won’t be burning out any time soon. With new verticals either on the way or recently launched by PopSugar, Conde Naste, Maker Studios and others, what does this mean for existing and potential Latina bloggers?

According to Forbes, Hispanics are tired of brands that just try to sell to them, and instead prefer to buy from and interact with companies that take the time to understand who they are.  With that in mind, a strategy such as the one PopSugar Latina has employed not only presents an opportunity for the brand to reach a new audience, but also a great opportunity for bloggers.  The site, which features original and aggregated English-language content targeting Latina millennials, gives bloggers a chance to work as a contributor to the site or be featured as a PopSugar Select blogger, the idea being that a feature will lead to increased blog traffic by way of link backs. Though it’s too soon to tell just how effective partnering with PopSugar will prove to be in regards to generating traffic to their blogs, some early adopters of the new network have already reported an increase in social media followers due to the brand sharing content across their social media platforms.

But PopSugar is not alone in their new strategy. Conde Naste will launch Vida Belleza later this summer, which will offer video programming covering beauty, food, lifestyle and celebrity. Online content powerhouse Maker Studios signed a deal with MiTu to create more targeted content for the Latino millennial set. And recognizing that US Latinos prefer to consume culturally relevant information in-language, Meredith Corp., the maker of Parents and Ser Padres is launching an English-language counterpart for Hispanic mothers called Parents Latina.

These are only a few of the companies that have developed a unique strategy to target Latina millennials, with more recognizing the importance of reaching this audience every day. If you’re a blogger, make sure you’re a part of blogger networks such as Collective Bias’ Colectiva Latina to stay on top of brand sponsored opportunities. Or flex your independent business person muscles and create a marketing kit to pitch to your favorite brands. Right now is a great time for latina bloggers to position themselves as experts and as the liaison that these brands need in order to reach this coveted audience. So get out there and strategize!

About the Author: Vianessa is a YouTube content producer, freelance writer and professional actress . She’s been a contributor to numerous blogs and has worked on countless influencer campaigns over the past several years. Always eager to make others laugh, when she’s not on set or writing, she can be found on Twitter or Instagram.

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