The Weekly Bias: Time-saving Updates and Creepy Ad Targeting

April 17, 2015

Mailena Urso

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Keeping up with all the social and digital news is like keeping up with the Kardashians…you can’t. Well, the latter is definitely easier if you’re an avid fan. This series won’t be as entertaining, but it’ll definitely give you a few topics to discuss at dinner to sound smart. We’d love to know what you found important in the news this week in the comments below.

Twitter Launches Retweet with Comment Feature

Finally, there’s a way to comment on a tweet without using up all 140 characters. Before, when commenting on a retweet, you had to copy and paste the original tweet and add your comment. This was a tedious process, leaving us Tweeps frustrated and annoyed that we didn’t have enough characters to say what we really wanted. With the new update, with a click of a button the original tweet is embedded as an image under your comment (see below). Twitter has been testing this feature out since last summer, and has finally released this new functionality on its site, iPhone app and soon the Android app. I really like the simplicity of it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.30.42 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.30.30 PM

Pinterest Revamps its “Pin It” Button

I love Pinterest. My boards are filled with pins of different projects and gifts I’d like to do or buy someday. There have been many times I’ve come across a product or a recipe on the web that I’d like to pin and save for later, but it was just too cumbersome, so I didn’t. The revamp of the “Pin It” button cuts this process in half. The update is part of Pinterest’s goal to make Pins more actionable…sort of like what you see with the Rich Pins. There’s speculation that they might launch a buy button some time this year (which is exciting and scary all at the same time).

Foursquare Announces New Advertising Platform – Pinpoint

This week, Foursquare revealed its new advertising platform, Pinpoint, which uses historical data from Foursquare users and non-users to enable brands to target relevant ads to consumers based on where they’ve been. Sort of creepy, huh? In mid-May, the service will become more widely available to marketers, but for now Pinpoint has partnered with brands like Olive Garden, Samsung Galaxy, FedEx and AT&T, just to name a few. Marketers are getting smart and more efficient about how they place ads. Gone are the days of display ads, where you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. Enter stalker-ish ad targeting with benefits.



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