Should Giveaways Be Part of Influencer Campaigns?

Sydney Dunn

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We know the trend is in our favor – content marketing is a key initiative for Advertisers this year.

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[Click to enlarge] Source: Social Media Today

At Collective Bias, we believe the organic content and authentic voice of our influencer community is the kind of content today’s shoppers seek out and believe–content that educates, informs and impacts consumer decisions at point of purchase.

Proving this kind of ROI takes time and right now we live in a world of instant gratification – what did this do for me, right now, that I can see? These are many questions we hear over and over again that can be answered with incorporating simple tactics that drive instant gratification – such as an Influencer Giveaway.

What are common problems we want to help Advertisers with as part of our Influencer campaigns? Can this help me increase my Twitter followers? Can we track click-throughs to a website?

Influencers influence others. They have a community of followers that they have built by giving like-minded people a reason to keep coming back for more. While great authentic content is at the core of that, influencer hosted giveaways has also been an essential tool to help them grow their communities. Whether it is giving away a book they just reviewed, a coat that was included in their #OOTD post or simply a cash gift card, they are thanking their readers for reading what they have to say and being a part of their communities.

There are many platforms out there now that allow Influencers to host Giveaways on their sponsored blog posts and these platforms make it easy for the blogger and the Advertiser! (PSST: These platforms are so popular Amazon just launched their own version.)

Below are just some of the benefits of including a Giveaway in your Influencer campaign that can help Advertisers with these common problems/questions.

Drives Actions (That You Want)

If you are looking for a targeted audience to follow you on Twitter or click through to your product landing page, then incentivize them to take immediate action, for a chance to win.

Some examples of actions consumers can take within a blog post hosted Giveaway for a chance to win are:

  • >>Clicks to a website
  • >>YouTube Video Views
  • >>Follow on Twitter
  • >>Follow on Instagram
  • >>Follow on Pinterest
  • >>Comment or answer survey question

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Grow Your Social Communities

As shown above these direct actions to enter a giveaway can involve following a brand on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.10.14 PM

We know you don’t want just anyone to follow you, you want to target the right people, and for those people to follow you.

We believe our influencers have like minded followers, therefore if you are a mom writing about Pull Ups and hosting a giveaway for a free year’s worth of Pull Ups, it is safe to assume that the majority of people reading that blog post and entering that giveaway are going to be moms of toddlers.

So you have all of these new followers on your social media pages but your engagement is still low? To receive engagement from these new followers, you need to have a content strategy in place that keeps these new followers interested and coming back for more (tips, recipes, mom hacks, etc.) The key is to have great content on your pages for new followers to engage with. Don’t ask that people follow you on Instagram, and then post once a month.

Share The Love

Influencer hosted giveaways typically involve some sort of “share this blog post” action as an entry to the Giveaway.

At the end of the day, this is a win-win for both the Advertiser, and the Influencer. More people will be willing to share the content (because something is in it for them) which means more eyeballs seeing the content, more people engaging with it, and ultimately more potential to sway consumers at the point of purchase.





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