Social Media as a Second Career Path for Moms

March 5, 2015

Kristin Wheeler

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From blogging to managing social channels for companies to working directly for a social media networking company, a trend of late has lead stay-at-home moms to their second careers in life. As a former educator, teaching at the elementary and middle school levels for eight years, I never thought I would one day be a Sr. Manager of Community Relations for a shopper social media company. My new career path is amazing and I love it, but I never even had this on my radar as something I was planning to do. I guess I got lucky doing what I now love, and many stay-at-home moms these days are finding themselves getting lucky as well. They can have a dream job of staying-at-home with the kids and earning money for their household at the same time. They are reinventing themselves and finding their life is changing down a new and exciting career path.

Some moms start blogs because they want a way to document what is happening at home with their kids. Others want to have a voice and something to do to engage with others outside the home. It can get lonely for some mothers who stay at home with the kids all day and do not connect with other people outside of the home. On the other hand, there are moms that are entrepreneurs and know about this field of social media. They get into it specifically to earn money for their households. Whatever the initial motivation may be, this is a field many stay-at-home moms are now finding success being involved in.

I started as a blogger who just wanted to share my love of reading with others on Mama Luvs Books. It was a way to write and engage with other people. I had two young kids at home after teaching for many years and I wanted to start to see what this new world of social media and blogging was all about. That was a few years back, and it morphed into discovering that bloggers get paid, that there are opportunities out there for bloggers to do in social media besides blogging, and that you can be successful and even start an entire second career for yourself from this thing called “social media.”

I learned to connect with other bloggers, find social media blogging networks to earn income from, review products and services, host Twitter parties for networks and brands, and finally lead other bloggers in campaigns and eventually help to organize campaigns from the ground up. I worked hard to build my own path and was vigilant in always taking opportunities and learning more.

Stay-at-home moms have varying backgrounds and former “work lives” that can compliment their work as a blogger. I believe the skills I acquired in the education field are very beneficial to me in my new career. I know other bloggers with backgrounds in education, journalism, accounting, sales, medicine and more, in which blogging is becoming their second life careers.

Bloggers come in different shapes and sizes, which means they have varying levels of education, experiences and focuses for their blogs. That’s what makes the “social media space” so open for others to explore as well. Brands and companies look at what different bloggers can bring to their campaigns. This field is evolving and growing to meet the needs of consumers on social media as an outlet to learn about the world.

As I found myself in the social media world for my second career, I see other moms doing the same thing. See some of their testimonials below:

“I began blogging as a way to connect with other mothers when I was a new mom. I never knew I could actually earn a living doing what I love from my home alongside my children. It’s been an amazing 5-year journey so far!” ~ Dr. Carrie Wells from Huppie Mama

“Blogging took me from being a stay-at-home mom to making almost double what I made at my last job! Between blogging and other social media work, I’m able to make a full-time living, while being there anytime my family needs me.” ~ Melissa Hagan from Outnumbered 3 to 1

“Newly unemployed and bored, I needed a hobby! I hardly knew what a blog was but I knew it would be a way to keep cooking (my passion!), while helping home cooks and a way to connect with them. Now, I’m even more successful as a food blogger than I was as a Professional Chef. I’m out of professional kitchens with long, grueling hours and smelling like food all the time. I get to still do what I love, but blogging is so much more fulfilling! Did I mention, I love my job?” ~ Dana DeVolk from This Silly Girl’s Life

“When I started blogging my family’s summer vacation, I had no idea that there were other people out there that did this too. As I became entrenched in the community and learned more about writing and social media, I realized that I loved the field and wanted to make it a full time career… which I did. After giving up an interior design practice to stay home with my children, I never thought I would find a career that I loved and that allowed me to have the best of both worlds; being a working mom and a stay-at-home mom.” ~ Carolyn West from This Talk Ain’t Cheap

“I started blogging as a way for me to have “me time” when I left my career to stay home with the kids when my husband deployed for the 2nd time. Over the years I’ve grown as a storyteller and photographer and it has become a new career path for me; one I love. I don’t plan on ever going back to work for someone again. I prefer to work with people instead of for them. This is an amazing path I’ve taken and it all started with me doing something for me.” ~ Mary Juett from Living a Sunshine Life

As stated in an article on Ms.Career Girl, there are many outlets to get involved in for stay-at-home moms looking for new careers in social media. Blogging, online marketing manager, social media manager, product reviewer, speaker and writer, or an online educator. All these jobs help you transition from a stay-at-home mom to a work-at-home mom who is earning money to contribute to the household income. That is essentially how a second career path into the world of social media is born.

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