5 IFTTT Recipes to Increase Productivity

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Written by Tanya Salcido 

If you’ve found yourself forgetting to check off tasks, spending too much time organizing a spreadsheet or not sharing your latest WordPress post, it’s time to automate your daily work process.

Handy online services, such as IFTTT (If This Then That), can help you work smarter and make you a productive powerhouse.

IFTTT connects two services — or channels — together, so that an action can trigger one service to another. These triggers are called recipes and they allow you to instantly save Facebook photos to Dropbox or add Square payments to a spreadsheet, just to name a of couple ideas.

IFTTT has 100 channels to choose from and work with the following social media networks:

  •      Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups)
  •      Instagram
  •      LinkedIn
  •      Reddit
  •      Twitter
  •      Tumblr
  •      YouTube

Aside from social media networks, IFTTT connects with a number of apps and hardware. Do you use Buffer or Evernote? You can create recipes that can either keep track of notes or add posts from Buffer to a Google+ Page. There are vast recipe options.

Here’s a short list of other channels IFTTT can connect with:

  •      Pocket
  •      Jawbone Up
  •      Soundcloud
  •      Gmail
  •      Google Calendar
  •      Evernote
  •      Buffer
  •      Craigslist
  •      Dropbox
  •      Feedly

Try these recipes to increase your productivity:

  1.     Add a post from WordPress to Twitter with an image – (Try it here!)

With IFTTT, you can create a recipe that will add your latest WordPress post to Twitter with an image. This is great, because it will actually display a Twitter image and not just a link. Connecting this IFTTT recipe is a huge time saver, because you’ll no longer have to login into Twitter to create this type of tweet. You’ll have extra time to dedicate to that Pinterest board you’ve been neglecting.

  1.     Build a Twitter list from a specific hashtag – (Try it here!)

If you’ve ever been to a social media conference or joined a tweet chat, you know the best way to connect with attendees is to follow the event hashtag and start engaging. With this recipe, IFTTT will build a Twitter list from a whatever hashtag you designate. When you’re taking a break, you can navigate to the newly created list and start following the attendees you want to get in touch with. If you share the list, you’ll also become a resource for your fellow conference goers and tweet chat friends.

  1.    Post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos – (Try it here!)

The ability to post directly from Instagram to Twitter is fantastic, but at the same time it’s disappointing that the image is not in full view. All the fun is ruined when social networks don’t play nicely. As a work around, IFTTT allows your fabulously filtered Instagram images to display as native Twitter images. As a side note, the recipe will also create two separate links; a link to your Instagram post and to your Twitter image. Your image message will likely get cut in half, but it will also cut hours off of your work day if you’re a big Instagram user.

  1.    Easily add Facebook Page post to Google+ via Buffer – (Try it here!

For all the G+’ers out there, you can shave off chunks of time from your day when posting to your Facebook Page and Google+ Page via Buffer. By adding this recipe, you’ll save at least five steps when posting to your social media networks. That means you’ll free up time to brainstorm your content calendar for the upcoming weeks.

  1.     Share RSS feed to your Twitter Buffer queue – (Try it here!)

If you like looking to automate your tweets, IFTTT will allow you to add a feed and will automatically post to Twitter. You can customize your weekly schedule in Buffer and post up to 10 tweets at a time with the free Buffer account. This is perfect when you want to appear active on Twitter and it will allow you to give your clients and/or your blog the attention they deserve.

What are some ways you plan to automate your workflow and become more productive in 2015?

About the Author: Described as the “go-to-girl in branding”, a digital marketing strategist and early adopter of technology, Tanya Salcido is skilled in the ways of digital branding, strategic online communications and influencer campaigns. When not in front of a computer screen, Tanya enjoys watching 80s movie classics and rooting for the Angels. Connect with her on Twitter @TanyaSalcido.

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