10 Ways to Repurpose Your Most Brilliant Blog Posts

March 10, 2015
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Written by Erika Sevigny 

Over the course of a blog’s life and a blogger’s career, they will create hundreds and sometimes even thousands of posts.

Some of them will be relevant and interesting for a day or two but others will become absolute rockstars for the blog, generating a great response from readers, resulting in an abundance of comments and sparking great conversations as readers share the post on social media, feature it in link round-ups and chat about it on Twitter.

These posts are what a blogger might consider to be “brilliant.” Their best work. Posts that have that “secret sauce.”

Unfortunately, after the initial glowing reception of such a post, it’s easy for it to get buried in the archives of a blog, never to be seen again by new readers, it’s brilliance near forgotten.

Let’s not let that happen.

There are several ways to breathe new life into your most brilliant blog posts and leverage them to help you gain new readers, showcase your blogging acumen, get advertisers excited about collaborating with you and yield major growth for your social channels, traffic and email subscribers.

Here are 10 ways to breathe new life into your most brilliant blog post & create lasting value for your blog by harnessing their brilliance. 

1. Polish the post. If you’re digging into your archives for a few long-forgotten brilliant posts, chances are good that it could use a bit of a facelift before it’s ready to be pushed out to the world once again. Take 10 minutes to do the following:

>>>Clean up the title and make sure that it’s intriguing, clickable and optimized for SEO (choose one great keyword to include in it).

>>>Make sure all of the images are high-quality and update the Alt Text to something interesting so that when they get pinned, there’s an enticing auto-description.

>>>Add a compelling call-to-action to follow your blog or social media channels in the body of the post.

>>>Add a few links to other relevant posts throughout to keep new visitors checking out your blog.

2. Make your brilliant posts easy to find on your blog. Create a sidebar widget with “featured” or “popular” posts and include your very best posts so that readers that come to your blog can quickly and easily find content that shows off your skills. You might also consider adding this type of post to your About Page, New Reader Page, Media Kit and Popular Posts page.

3. Work it into your social media editorial calendar. Take advantage of tools like Buffer, CoSchedule or Hootsuite to schedule updates on Twitter and Facebook to promote your best posts each month. Call out the fact that it’s a popular post on your blog or that a lot of people really liked it in your copy – it’ll entice people to click-through and enjoy it again.

4. Turn it into a collection. The best pieces of content are great because they touch on something that really matters to your audience or that your readers are interested in learning more about – so teach them! Turn that awesome post (or a component of it) into a more in-depth series. Be sure to link to the original post in all of the new ones and vice-versa to keep people moving through your great post to the rest of your blog.

5. Publish it elsewhere. Getting your name and social media profiles out and about on other sites is one of the best ways to grow your blog. If you know a post is already a hit, take a moment to depersonalize it just a bit and identify a new audience that the post might benefit. Pitch the post to websites like The Huffington Post, Babble and Hello Giggles and be sure to mention that the post performed well on your blog and that you’ve updated and enhanced it to appeal to their audience.

6. Make it into a Slideshare or YouTube video. YouTube is the second largest search engine and generates millions of searches per day. Slideshare content is indexable by Google and people use it to search for ideas and tutorials. Both are great ways to get a link back to your post and to capture a potential new audience through search.

7. Spin it into an e-book. If you can elaborate on the topic or create a worksheet to go with the post, spinning it into an e-book that you can use to entice people to subscribe to your blog via email is a great way to repurpose a brilliant post. If you’re able to elaborate significantly on the topic, you may even be able to create a digital product and sell your e-book on the topic. It has already proven to be interesting to your audience so it may be worth the effort!

8. Leverage Pinterest for long-term traffic. If your post contains compelling imagery, make Pinterest a priority for promoting it. To do so, make sure you have an easy way for readers to Pin the post (a Pin-It button plug-in or sharing plugin should do the trick!) and optimize your alt descriptions for the image to something interesting. You can also create a Pinterest board on the topic, then pin the post and other related posts from your blog and others. Use the same keywords that were used in the post in the Title and Description of the Pinterest board so that your board has the potential to reel in visitors from Google’s search results.

9. Use it as a guest post. Guest posting on personal and lifestyle blogs that are similar to yours in size or that have similar audiences is an awesome way to grow, but creating brand new content to guest post can get really time-consuming. Send a friendly email to a fellow blogger and ask if they want to swap one of their best posts for one of yours. Just make sure to include a link to the original in your guest post!

10. Include it in a round-up post. It’s easy to forget just how many great pieces of content are buried in the depths of your archives. Take a moment to see if you can find  four or five other posts that you’re proud of and create a round-up post that’s relevant and timely. For example, if your brilliant post is a recipe, create an “A Week’s Worth of Meals Round-Up” and supplement with other related posts from your archive.

Leveraging your very best posts is one of my favorite ways to blog smarter, not harder. Incorporating work you’ve already done into your editorial calendar and getting your best work out there is one of the best ways to get your blog seen by new eyes and to improve the value of your blog over time.

Can you think of a few posts in your archives that could be brought back to life with these techniques? Share in the comments!

About the Author: Erika Sevigny is a lifestyle blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist from St. Louis, Missouri. She’s a passionate believer in the power of connecting people through compelling storytelling and has been helping brands and small businesses leverage online media to do just that for the past four years. When she’s not working, you’ll find her tasting every craft beer in city of St. Louis, attempting to figure out her DSLR, or sharing her own story through her lifestyle blog, All Things E.

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