Twitter Parties: Behind-the-Scenes

February 24, 2015

Casey Petersen

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Twitter Parties are a really fun way to have a conversation online and win cool prizes. There are a lot of companies and online influencers that run these parties in a lot of different ways.  At Collective Bias, we consider our SoFabChats party participants a part of our social community and strive to provide both a fun and fair environment for everyone.

Collective Bias is the leader in fun and informational Twitter parties on behalf of our brand partners. We see hundreds of people at each Twitter Party, and inevitably, the question comes up of how we choose winners, and just how fair the process is. Below, you’ll find each step we go through in determining winners. While we have hosts and staff that are leading the parties, they are actually not able to choose winners, or play favorites.

  1. RSVP: To be eligible, winners must RSVP for each party at
  2. FOLLOW: Follow the party brand sponsors and party hosts on Twitter. Find the list of who to follow when you view details for each party. This list is also shared at the beginning of each party.
  3. DISCLOSE: SoFabChats Twitter parties are FTC compliant and we ask our guests to disclose as well. Please send at least one tweet with the hashtag #sweeps during the party to identify you are participating for a chance to win a prize.
  4. TWEET: You must tweet with our hashtag during the hour of the party. Winners are drawn throughout the party – so get in early and participate to have more chances to win.

PLEASE NOTE: The guidelines listed above represent the rules of eligibility for most of our Twitter parties. Guests should view the rules listed for each party they attend as the rules may vary, and sometimes do, from event to event.

Our SoFabChats website scans the users who qualify and chooses a random qualifier for each prize announcement. There is no human input. No judgment calls. It’s automated, random and all done behind the scenes.

The winner is announced in the Party and must reply via tweet with the party hashtag within five minutes of the announcement to claim their prize. The prize announcement tweet identifies to whom the winner should reply.

Our rules clearly state one winner per household. If two winners of the same household are randomly drawn, the second winner’s eligibility will be forfeited and communicated via DM.  An alternate winner would be randomly selected to receive the forfeited prize, so long as the party is still in progress at time of discovery.

Interested in trying out a Twitter Party for the first time, learning something new, and maybe winning a prize? Check out to see upcoming parties and register!


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