What Is Today’s Social-First Mom Thankful For?

February 5, 2015

Courtney Velasque

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With a new year underway, it’s a prime time to count our blessings. Whether it’s good health, close family and friends, job security or a roof over our heads, many of us are giving thanks for what matters most in our lives. For moms, it’s often the ability to stay connected.

With 74% of adults using social media sites, technology has made it possible for even the busiest mom to connect with an entire network of people, all with just the simple swipe of a screen. She can stay in touch with others who have similar interests, voice her opinions, find support any time of the day and get advice anywhere in the world—and for many, that’s a lot to be thankful for.

So what exactly is today’s socially-connected mom thankful for?

>>She is thankful for the information age.

Whether she needs help deciding which dress to buy, what the hot toy is for an eight year-old boy or a list of top restaurants for dinner options in an unfamiliar city, Mom loves that we live in a world of content. From the entertaining to the how-to tutorials, product reviews and more, top-quality content helps her make sage decisions and simplifies her day-to-day—not to mention, makes parenthood a lot less scary.

>>She is thankful for personal affirmation.

Social networks have made instant gratification easier than ever. Mom gets a haircut and feels marvelous. One selfie later, she has twenty-five likes, a few comments and a big boost to her self-esteem, and all in a matter of a few minutes. She appreciates the instant feedback from her followers. Many socially-connected moms are willing and eager to offer their advice and expertise to friends, whether they are online or off. The only difference with online feedback is that it can be given any time of the day or night. Brands and retailers should remember this as a valuable tool for gaining insights into new products and gaining new customers.

>>She is thankful for her support system.

According to Pew Research, the average user of a social networking site has more close ties and is half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American. Instead of calling up two friends in real life to lean on (and who may not be available when you need them because of other obligations), Mom can tap her online support network whenever and wherever she needs it.

>>She is thankful for her smartphone.

Powered by her smartphone, Mom never has to feel alone again. Baby Center reported moms send on average 26 text messages per day and use social media 15 times a day, allowing for always-on connections with friends and family, even when she’s on the go. Whether she’s snowed in in Colorado, home while her kids are in school or waiting in the carpool line, she has someone, somewhere to listen, give advice, support and encourage her. And let’s not forget, the instant babysitter a smartphone has become!

>>She is thankful for on-demand sources for inspiration.

“Millennial Marthas,” the most active group on Pinterest according to Ahalogy, readily pin and search on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and blogs for DIY inspiration. Mom doesn’t just want to be a mom, she wants to be a supermom. With so many great ideas at her fingertips, achieving hero status among her friends and family is easier than ever. From gift ideas to recipes to fashion inspiration to party décor, she can find exactly what she needs quickly and easily through her favorite social platforms.

>>She is thankful for brands that care.

If Mom has something to say, social media platforms have provided her with the microphone and audience to express her opinions. It’s not just her friends and followers who listen. Brand marketers are too. Social media provides her the opportunity to connect with brands that she knows and trusts, or support the causes she cares about. A 2013 Cone study found that 92 percent of Millennial moms want to buy products that support charities or bigger causes. Social has made it easy for moms to identify and follow those brands.

>>She is thankful to be in loop with current affairs

Social channels keep Mom abreast of what’s happening in the world, so she doesn’t feel lost in the land of diapers, toys and soccer practice. By ingesting her news via social platforms, she is able to react and share to stay in the loop and current. Brands that adopt a similar use of social and react at the same speed as breaking news have the unique opportunity to reach this social-first – and otherwise hard to reach – audience.

As we delve into 2015, moms continue to be a highly targeted audience and in order to reach them, it’s first important to understand what keeps her happy and thankful. Finding new and exciting ways to keep Mom socially connected, enhancing social platforms and listening and reacting to her needs and feedback will continue to top her list.


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