Would You Rather Use a Network or Connect with a Community?

February 18, 2015

Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias
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Influencer marketing companies abound. Some simply serve banner ads to blog sites while others allow you to rent a blogger or manage blogger content in a self-service model.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Run by influencers for influencers, the Social Fabric community helps its members to teach, support and learn from each other. Their relationships naturally drive traffic for CB programs as they share each other’s content and influencers who started out as members now run all CB campaigns. They know how to work with other influencers and get the best content and engagement from them.

We also offer our community members continued education through Social Fabric University (SoFabU) to make them better publishers with classes such as photography, videography, Search Engine Optimization.

A network is just a list made up of blogger/influencer names. Networks take anyone and often follow a self-serve model, leaving the decision-making in the hands of a user who may not know the art and science of influencer selection. Networks provide little to no relationship with the blogger. Quality and influence varies widely.

How do you we select your community members?

We have a proprietary process for selecting influencers to join the community, and we have higher requirements than our competitors. We look beyond mere follower count to ensure engagement, quality content and brand fit, and we have higher requirements of our influencers for campaign deliverables.

Much of our community that joined in our first year are still with us today, which is why we continue to lead with the most engaged community of high-quality influencers in the industry.

Quality content is king.

Our bloggers tell stories; the do not write product reviews. They incorporate your product into their lives to provide an organic and personal approach they share with their readers. We also have a team of marketing professionals working with our bloggers to ensure the content created meets our advertiser’s goals.

We have the highest of standards.

We vet potential community members multiple times. When we recruit bloggers into the community, we typically need specific demographics to fulfill a void. We will search for bloggers that fit the demographic, create a good balance of organic and sponsored content and participate and have a good following on multiple social platforms. We reach out through a personal invitation to join Social Fabric.

In other instances, bloggers apply to join the community. We vet these bloggers the same way with a heavy emphasis on their blog content and their involvement in other social platforms. Once we determine they fit the community’s core values and our advertisers’ needs, we approve and onboard them.

We re-examine all existing members each time they apply for a shoppertunity. Our campaign management team reviews their blog content  with a focus on whether or not their content fits the campaign objectives and their social reach fits the advertiser’s needs.

We have a patent-pending process for managing our influencers and campaigns. We utilize real-time tracking for site traffic and engagements, not self-reported numbers. We built a proprietary Twitter platform for hosting social parties, and we are the first to conduct Pinteresting parties.

Specialists make the difference.

We singularly focus on solving shopper marketing challenges through influential social content at scale. It’s all we do and we’ve done shopper social media longer than anyone.

We believe we are the best-in-class solution and that with today’s ever-changing social landscape, it’s important to stick with a specialist. Our content specifically impacts the path to purchase and drives to retail whether by geography, lifestyle, demographics or store affinity..We work with multiple companies on any given campaign from media companies, traditional agencies and shopper marketing companies. And our results speak for themselves.


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Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias

Holly oversees marketing and PR. Holly, also a blogger, founded MOMentumNation while serving as the Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at Big Fuel, a pure play social media agency. She is an award-winning creative marketing industry veteran who was recognized in 2012 by Klout as the “most influential agency person” and uses her voice for social good with 10X10 Educate Girls, Every Mother Counts, Global Poverty Project and the UN Foundation Shot@Life campaign.