Is Your Content Designed To Be Social?

February 19, 2015

Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias
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With the massive amounts of content being created every minute and the changes in algorithms, it’s increasingly harder to get the engagement one used to get in the early days of social.  That is unless you have spectacular content. I happen to think influencers are particularly genius at this. They look at what they create and ask, “Is this what my audience wants?”

But great content alone is not enough.

Is your content designed for social? With every piece of content you create, ask yourself this question, “Is this a piece of content you would share?” Be your own BS meter. If you wouldn’t share it, why would anyone else?

Is the information useful?

Is it information most people wouldn’t know?
People love the backstory of a brand and too often companies hesitate to share this kind of content. My favorite M&Ms are the pretzel ones. Did you know it took them quite a while to figure out how to get the pretzel inside the chocolate, as the wet chocolate caused the pretzel to expand, breaking the shell?

Is the content funny?
People love to share amusing stories.

Is your content poignant?
Audiences love success stories where adversity is met head on and defeated.

Are the visuals so beautiful, unexpected or unusual that they are instantly something that will be shared? Now this doesn’t mean you need to become a photographer of dogs and cats pics. A well-shot piece of food photography combined with text stating it can be made with three ingredients is a powerful piece of content. It’s compelling because it’s mouthwatering and simple to make, therefore being attainable for everyone.

Have you asked a compelling question? Have you asked for audience participation?

Have you made the content scannable?
People scan headlines and subheads and if they are intriguing they will read between the lines. The more you can get them to read, the better the odds your content will be shareable.

Have you made the content easily shareable?
Users don’t like signing up to share content. Are your share buttons not readily visible? If a user has to search to share on a particular social channel more than a second, you’ve probably lost that share. I personally dislike the universal share icon that you have to click on to get to a menu of share buttons.

Are there already stories online similar to the one you are writing?
If so, you need a unique angle.

Do you serve up other suggestions for content similar to the piece?
Chances are if the audience likes that piece of content, they will be interested in similar content.

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Holly Pavlika

SVP, Marketing & Content at Collective Bias

Holly oversees marketing and PR. Holly, also a blogger, founded MOMentumNation while serving as the Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at Big Fuel, a pure play social media agency. She is an award-winning creative marketing industry veteran who was recognized in 2012 by Klout as the “most influential agency person” and uses her voice for social good with 10X10 Educate Girls, Every Mother Counts, Global Poverty Project and the UN Foundation Shot@Life campaign.