Diversity with Bloggers & Brands: Part 2

January 16, 2015
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Written by Janeane Davis 

Part Two of a Two Part Series. Read Part one here

Diversity matters and leads to increased profitability. Brands who want to increase profits should work with bloggers and should look for diversity in the bloggers they hire. Brands should hire diverse bloggers not because it is politically correct and not because they want to be seen as socially aware. Brands should look for diversity in the bloggers they hire because diversity leads to increased profitability. After all, no matter what else a brand is in business to do, profitability is a key reason brands exist.

As children, may people were taught “America is a great melting pot.” However, it may be more accurate to say “America is a great stew.” In a melting pot, everything mixes together and you cannot tell one thing from another. In contrast, with a stew, all the ingredients work together, make the dish better and each ingredient maintains its individuality and flavor. Advertisers who look at current customers and potential customers as a stew recognize that each individual person is valuable and worth working to attract. Diversity in bloggers is a stew that will enable businesses to be profitable.

While all people who live in America are Americans, each person brings traditions, cultural perspectives and family histories with them where ever she goes. These things impact how a customer spends her money and how she looks at the brands who are trying to earn her dollars. Look at the following story for example. During Thanksgiving season at my children’s elementary school, the teacher taught the children about the traditional Thanksgiving dessert. According to the teacher, the traditional Thanksgiving dessert in America is pumpkin pie. My daughter was confused. There has never been a pumpkin pie at our house for Thanksgiving or any other occasion. At our house the traditional Thanksgiving dessert is sweet potato pie. We are an African-American family. In most African-American families, the traditional Thanksgiving dessert is sweet potato pie. Our relatives and friends going back more generations than I care to count all eat sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving. Brands who hire bloggers who know this show me they appreciate my history, culture and traditions. Brands who recognize this understand that they have a diverse customer base and will earn my loyalty and my dollars.
Advertisers who pay attention to diversity, who value all customers regardless of race, sex, religion and sexual orientation will create advertisements, hire spokespersons and engage bloggers who have diverse backgrounds. They will do this because they know that while my family and I will never buy pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie-related products, we will buy sweet potato pie and sweet potato pie-related products. For example, if advertisers show pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie with whipped cream, ice cream, a great drink and a happy family I will buy those products all day, every day. I will buy from that advertiser because that company respects my traditions, understands my preferences and cares enough about earning my dollars to work to get them. By hiring a diverse group of bloggers, brands have a better understanding of the entire market for their products and thus will earn money from more of the market. Brands who understand diversity and hire a diverse group of bloggers to share their message will have a larger pool of clients from which to choose and thus will earn larger profits.

Bloggers are writers who have a unique and wonderful way of sharing products, services and experiences with readers. Unlike traditional media, bloggers are personal; they live the stories they write. It is the personal experiences of the bloggers that makes using them to share the advertiser’s message a great idea. The more diverse the bloggers that an advertiser work with are, they more types of customers are reached and personally touched by the message. Customers who are touched by an advertiser’s message are customers who touch their wallets and make purchases. This means more dollars for advertisers. For all these reasons, advertisers should hire a diverse group of bloggers in all their advertising campaigns.

About the Author: Janeane Davis describes herself as a Superwoman, aka a wife and mother of four. She is an African-American mom blogger whose mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate women to be their best in business and at home. She created Janeane’s Worldin order to share the thoughts, dreams and ideas relevant to the modern woman dealing with family, work and life. She wrote the book “How to Advocate for Your Children to Succeed” in order to help parents use their skills and talents to help their children reach their own definitions of success.


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