Diversity with Bloggers & Brands: Part 1

January 16, 2015
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Written by Ericka Chatman

Part One of a Two-Part Series

The world of blogging has changed drastically, and a lot of bloggers who first started off sharing stories about their day-to-day life are now making a living blogging. Some of these bloggers have turned their blogs into lucrative businesses and only work directly with big named brands on sponsored content, underwritten post, and affiliate links.

With 71 percent of people being more inclined to make a purchase based on a social media referral, companies realized that working with bloggers could introduce their brand across multiple platforms. It can often lead to exposure with potential consumers that otherwise may not have considered purchasing the product.

In recent years, brands have adapted into the blogging sphere and incorporated diversity. Brands realize bloggers have a huge impact in influencing their growth and that not everyone’s story is the same. They now choose to work with bloggers from different races, cultural backgrounds and bloggers that reach diverse audiences.

For example, Procter & Gamble started the “My Black is Beautiful” campaign to target black women. The Mission Statement is, “My Black is Beautiful celebrates the diverse collective beauty of black women and encourages black women to define and promote our own beauty standard — one that is an authentic reflection of our indomitable spirit.”

P&G also has a variety of black women celebrities and bloggers they work with to get the message across. Some of the bloggers are married, some are moms, some are students, and some are beauty bloggers. The products advertised are the same P&G products that have always been sold (Tide, Crest, Olay, etc.) but potential consumers can relate to the product because a familiar face is telling them to buy it, or they can relate to the message being sent about beauty for black women.

According to a Nielsen study conducted in 2013, African American consumers have the buying power of 1 trillion dollars and are expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2017.

P&G also started a similar campaign for Hispanic women called “Nueva Latina,” which celebrates the unique experience of being a bicultural, modern Latina. Again, some of the same products that are sold are the same traditional products that P&G have always sold, but with the help of Hispanic celebrities and bloggers, these items are being introduced to Hispanic populations.

According to a recent study, Hispanics have an impressive buying power of $1.2 trillion, with Hispanic women being a strong influence.

Recent trends show that Brands are also working closely with mommy bloggers, men bloggers, and dad bloggers.

It is safe to say diversity in the blogging world with brands is here to stay and isn’t going away any time soon.

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About The Author: Ericka Chatman is a Kansas City, MO native who loves to save money. She is also a Veteran of the United States Army. She also loves traveling, family, tacos, cuddling with her puppy, being the “fun” aunt, and loves life with her boyfriend. Ericka Saves motto is “Live a Fulfilled Life on Less.” You don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy life, and Ericka’s mission is to show people how to do it. Learn more at ErickaSaves.com

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