Does Your Social Marketing Have Any Clout?

December 18, 2014
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By Hunter Poole

In today’s social media driven society, it should come as no surprise that brands are spending more and more ad dollars on campaigns driven by social media (about $6.2 billion by the end of 2013). But the real questions is, are they spending in the right way? Are they simply buying banner ads that no one is clicking, or are they implementing programs that create brand advocates and influence purchase intent? As a brand, if you read that and can confidently answer the latter, you’re doing something right.

So, you may be asking yourself, what makes a social marketing campaign successful? Cliche but true, the answer is that there are many factors at play. At the end of the day everyone wants their social campaigns to go “viral”. Unfortunately for brands, there’s no special algorithm or secret sauce that you can buy and sprinkle on your campaigns to make them go viral. It just doesn’t work that way. However, if you are reading this and you think you have that secret sauce, please call us!

I digress. Today’s marketing is no longer a one way street. It’s a conversation. A conversation that will happen whether you like it or not. As the CEO of Amazon once said, “Your brand is what people say…when you’re not in the room.” So, how do you create social campaigns that 1) have the potential to go viral, and 2) influence the conversations that are happening while you are not in the room in a positive way? It’s simple. Follow the three tips below.

  1. Stop thinking just being present is enough.
    1. So you have a facebook page and a brand twitter handle. AWESOME! You are using social media marketing. WRONG. Social is more than just pouring content into your channels and hoping that someones sees it. As mentioned earlier, it’s about having conversations. It’s about identifying and targeting consumers and providing them with an online brand experience that enhances their emotional connection to the brand and keeps you top of mind the next time they are in the store.
  2. Content, Content, Content.
    1. We’ve all heard the phrase “Content is King.” It’s true. Brands are stories and stories are content. So, how are you telling your story? Focus on creating beautiful, engaging content that gives a sense of humanity to your brand and allows consumers to connect on an emotional level. Create content that is culturally relevant and inherently social. That’s how you win.
  3. Give them a reason to care.
    1. You’ve all heard the old adage “share is caring.” Well, in regards to social media marketing, my opinion is that it should be “caring is sharing”. As a brand, you can no longer expect consumers to care about you because your celebrity endorsements tell them to. The times have changed, and consumers want to see that you care about them. They want to see that your values and beliefs are in-line with their personal values and beliefs. They want to view you as a “friend.” Once you’ve achieved that relationship with your consumers they are much more likely to share and recommend you to their networks of family and friends.

Working with social media in the right way will only continue to grow with significance over time. It’s where your current customers are and where your potential customers could be. Give your social presence a heart – it could be the key to your marketing success.

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