Marketing to the Male Consumer in 2015

December 16, 2014
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Written by Jason Francis

As businesses continue to open up to the value of the single male’s dollars, it creates the need for new ways to engage men beyond the usual ways we would be presented material. I’ve always been a fan of showcasing how a brand works within the life of the consumer. The ability to glamorize what is usually a pretty mundane activity can open up a number of new engagement possibilities. Media is so wide open now that it has made marketing a hands-on interactive affair.

In the new year, utilizing Google Chats can be a great new way to gain the interest of the male consumers. Commercials are nice, but the ability to speak with and to actual members of your target market is even better. Ask for brand testimonials via video submission and then find the better of the best to have on an official brand Google Hangout. Men want to know their views are being taken seriously and the visibility of the Hangout is an ideal brand advocacy strategy.

Along with interactive social multimedia, the incorporation of location-specific tech like iBeacons can bring a whole new marketing dimension to a brand. On-site events catering to men can be taken to another level with the proper implementation of this technology. Imagine a man’s health spa or lifestyle event. As consumer visit various areas of the venue, specific messaging can be sent to them via the respective brand’s app. In addition to that, as the consumers engage with this messaging and deliver feedback, we could unlock additional perks at the event they are attending. The only limits are your imagination, truthfully.

The key is to NOT treat men like the single-minded, beer drinking, BBQ’ing sports fan. Embrace the concept that men have a full lifestyle culture that goes beyond ESPN. Watch creation, Cognac aging, Cigar rolling, even something like yoga is very much within the modern man’s wheelhouse. In short, explore the opposite of the expected rough male persona, which today’s social media has made so much easier.

About The Writer: Jason Francis is a Writer, Blogger and Social Media consultant. He specializes in connecting the rapidly growing world of digital media and entrepreneurship via social media. His site speaks on a number of social, technical and professional issues that affect the lives of young business people. In addition to this, he helps manage the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an international collective with over 7000 members worldwide.


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