4 Essential Mobile App Must Haves for Peak Black Friday Results

November 18, 2014
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Written by Jason Francis 

While the store discount their remaining Halloween candy the shelves are getting a seasonal make over. Jack O’Lanterns and ghosts are getting replaced with Turkeys and Harvest displays. The Holiday season is here. For many of us that puts Thanksgiving in our sights with Christmas coming up right behind it. That means the Holiday shopping season is upon us.

The continuing trend in retail is the growth in ecommerce. More and more people are shopping online and those that do still venture to the stops for that hands on experience are doing so alarmed with a digital plan of attack for top savings and efficient time management.

To help you all prepare for the madness that kicks off with Black Friday later this month here are 4 quality for helping to pin point deals, savings and improving your overall shopping experience.


2014 Black Friday Slickdeals

Based from the forum site of the same name, Slick Deals gets you right to the point of locating the best that Black Friday has to offer. Slick Deals as a site has been bringing together saving hounds for over 15 years. This app which is made specifically for Black Friday lets you set alerts and notifications for deal in your favorite stores for the item type of your choice. You can also make purchase direct from the app. In addition you can easily share deals with you personal network. If you were limited to just one app this would be a great pick.

Available on iOS & Android


TGI Black Friday

For the circular lovers out there TGI Black Friday is a dream come true. This app serves as a digital master collection of downloadable store savings. You can search an endless number of store circulars, set a personal shopping list and get direct notifications. Not to mention that TGI gets the saving info a little earlier than most so enjoy the heads up on the upcoming discounts.

Available on iOS & Android



Not just are the savings on Black Friday about sales and discounts but it’s also it strategically knowing the policies of stores that can play in your favor. Many stores in an effort to combat online shopping offer a price matching of the same item on sites like Amazon.  ShopSavvy allows you to scan any item in a store and it automatically pulls up that item on other sites and retail locations. Essentially it protects you from ever over paying for your Black Friday items.

Available on iOS & Android



Finally you don’t want to over look the value of the holiday coupons going out for big savings. RetailMeNot is a great app that access to hundreds of coupons that can be digitally clipped and scanned directly from you phone. It’s the final component to your Black Friday Holiday planning. No sloppy coupons to carry around. It’s saving on the go with this App.

Available on iOS & Android

There’s no shortage of apps geared towards the holiday shopping frenzy that is the drawing near but I can say with confidence that these 4 applications in particular will put you in a great position to get the most for your dollar and save you time. Hats more time to enjoy the Holidays with your friends and family vs battling with lengthy lines and crowded malls.


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